Long Range Rifle/Scope/PRS question(s)

I've seen one RimX, looked to be real smooth, but then the fellow shooting it is really good. My buddy Jeff talked about getting one for a bit, but is so happy with his Bergara he hasn't mentioned it lately. I'd like to try one.
A few years ago my brother in law came up with a weird idea to build a M40 "clone" out of his Remington 700P 223. He wanted a M40 and didnt have any 308 rifles at the time, but he did have the 223. I thought it was an odd idea until a shot it and fell in love with the rifle. For me it wasnt so much the M40 aspects of it, as much as how comfortable a precision 223 bolt gun was to shoot.

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Recently he needed some money and asked me if I wanted to buy anything so I bought the rifle. I dont have any interest in the "M40" build so I returned the barreled action to the HS Precision stock. I also removed the Redfield 3-9 and base and put on a Nightforce 20 MOA base, Vortex precision rings, and a Nikon Black FX1000 4-16 scope. These parts got scavenged off other rifles and Im not sure they are permanent, but they will work for now. The rifle has a ridiculously light Timney trigger in it.

The stock and Redfield are going back to him to build a real M40 later on when things get better.

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With the Vudoo you have to be careful not to have the bag push on the mag, it will point the round down and jam. I made a stop on the back of my plastic mag to keep it from being pushed back, angled down, works 99%, but plan on making an aluminum stop that attaches to the arca rail.
Been mulling over ideas on this for months, pretty much had what I wanted down, so instead of going back to work after my routine 6 month doctors check up, I went home. I cut a piece of aluminum off of some sort of mount, looked like some old bathroom stall hardware, I'm always bringing odds and ends home, lie the screws I used. I take screws and bolts etc out of things headed to the trash and bring them home.

So I cut, rounded, polished, on the piece, then drilled four holes, chamfered them to match the 6/32 screws I found, drilled a hole in it to match the rail where it will sit over an action screw, drilled and tapped the Area 419 rail, mounted it, mounted it (used blue Locktite), then painted it flat black.

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Vudoo .22 LR. Manners PRS1T Stock. Tract 4-20X50 MRAD PRS LR Scope.
TPS Rings. Atlas Bipod. Erik Cortina Tuner. BiXnAndy Tac Sport Pro Trigger.
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If you were to go the Vudoo route again would you do the V22 again or would you go with a 360?
I've been hearing about ejection issues with some 360's and at that price range I wouldn't be a happy camper.
I'm currently running a 20" CZ 457 At-One.
I also have a Savage MK II TRR-SR in a Boyds Pro Varmint which I just pillar bedded and need to test it out along with a Ruger 10/22 with the hammer forged target barrel.
As I acquire better scopes on some of my long range rifles the old scopes trickle down to the 22's. 2 more to go and the Bushnell Banner and the Sig Whiskey 3 will be gone.
The Whiskey 3 lacks parallax adjustment.
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I'm currently running a 20" CZ 457 At-One.
I haven't shot one, but I've been whooped by one. Not sure how much better the Vudoo is, or isn't. I know it's very good.

I don't care if an action is 60 or 90 degree throw, I'm not losing time chambering rounds.

The only issue with the Vudoo I am aware of is mags tilting down and rounds jamming if you push them into a bag. Bottom of mag gets pushed backwards, top front tilts down, round jams.

I made a stop on the back of my plastic Vudoo mag to stop it from doing that, and recently added that magazine block as well. I need to fix up my 12 round aluminum mag.

Stop is JB Weld
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It's not a precision rifle type match, but I shot at the Red Oktober Cold War match here in Az this weekend. I shot Freeworld Irons class, which means iron sighted ARs. Combloc rifles were allowed to run open class with optics. I finished 23rd out of 65 for my division and 87th out of 216 total. I had some big penalties on one stage (completely didnt see two targets) which significantly hurt my overall score. Not that I was really in contention for any podiums. Overall it was a fun mixture of close in burn 'em down and longer range shooting, with cool oddities thrown in. Longest target was 340ish yards which wasnt exactly easy to see through the irons up on the hillside. I ran my "modern jungle carbine" that I built specifically for this match. A decent amount of guys went along with the Cold War theme, some even having full uniforms. Others rolled AK/Galil Ace gamer guns. Had a Vietnam vet, 77 years old, in my group running a Colt SP1.

My rifle.

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Stage with the longest shots. Targets at 250 and 340 from the platform.

This stage was my favorite. Had to move along a ravine then get out and climb into a helicopter hull. Targets were 150 to a bit over 200 yards from the hull. Not hard shots but finding a good position was not easy inside the chopper.

Bullets are all seated, cases marked, boxed up, stuff is sitting by the door for a 4AM exit.

I'll try to do a better job of pictures. :)
The last match I started off terribly for about 4 stages then started shooting pretty well, so the plan was to start of well today. On our first stage (Stage 7), I looked t the wrong stage and dialed the wrong dope, I figured it out 3/4 shots in and quit shooting, big fat zero. Sigh.

I did a good job of flushing that and cleaned stage 8. Shot well after that for most of the stages, but had a 2 & a 4 to go with my zero. The two was on the KYL that we shot a little differently, start with the smallest plate (under 1MOA), then the largest plate, then the small plate, then the next largest plate, and ending with shooting the small plate twice, so we had to shoot the small plate six times. The dirt behind the plates was so dry we couldn't tell where close misses were. The highest score on our squad was six, with mostly 3s & 4s, with a couple of 2s. That was the second to last stage, and I again I shot well on the next stage after a bad one, only missing once one it.

I ended up 24th out of 42, so not great, but not horrible. An 88 out of 100 won it.

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Where was that? looks like a great place, sorry you had some trouble stages but it is GREAT you were able to overcome them and get back on track.
Is a spotter able to give corrections on the fly? Do you use communications between spotter and shooter i.e. bluetooth, radio headsets? How many targets are sub moa? 88 hits of 100 sounds like a great day that the winner had. I've found sub moa easier to find at 300 than 600 and 1200 is extremely hard for me
Altus in Baker Fl.


Only new shooters are supposed to get help on the clock, and folks mostly stick too that, but if you’re really struggling someone might tell you where you’re missing to help out. Eight shots into the KYL I actually asked if anyone could tell where I was missing, but the dirt was so dry it was a big dust cloud on impact, everyone said just barely missing, but they couldn’t tell where. Wind was switching so bad many of us missed more than just the little plate. A brutal stage for our group, and after talking to other squads, they struggled some as well, those who got it early in the day lucked out. Having to shoot the little plate six times in that mirage and wind was tough. Mirage was bad enough folks were complaining they couldn’t get there scopes focused well enough to see the little plate. I could see it well enough not to have that excuse.
How many targets are sub moa?

Often not any, and never many - usually only 2-4 shots out of 100 will be on a sub-MOA target, or none. Despite the name, PRS isn’t a game of raw precision. Guidance for match directors from the headshed is to balance wind, distance, positional stability, stage movement, and target size. When a shooter has 90 seconds to build 5 positions spread over 5-10yrds, potentially dialing 9 times on the clock with varying wind angles between targets, delivering on 1/2moa targets isn’t really practical. In practical applications, shooters would pass on those shots which are excessively infeasible to deliver on target. More targets are 3-4moa than 1moa. Most shooters still miss a lot of targets.
That’s the goal - top guys hit 80-90%. Nobody should clean matches. When the top guys clean, we end up with compressed scores, and everyone gets more points than they should. When top shooter only hits 70%, then the field spreads and the bottom guys end up with teens and 20’s because the match was wicked hard. There tends to be more of a trend where MD’s made matches too easy (5-6yrs ago), so the 80-90% guidance has been pushed pretty hard.

Then again, I shot a match earlier this year which had a KYL tree (vertical, was kinda trippy) with 2 sub-MOA targets, and it was fired from 2 positions on industrial tires… I cleaned the stage, to my own astonishment - which meant 2-4 points over most shooters, including the top guys, and I punched the other 2 shots on 1/2moa targets on another stage - and those 6 tough points really bolstered my day. Those targets were the only points some of the podium finishers dropped on the day.
Man, that Ruger looks like a lot of rifle for the money. I wonder who makes their barrels (maybe in house?). There's been some debate on the accuracy of hammer forged vs cut rifling barrels, but I know from my own experience with my FN SPR that hammer forged barrels can be accurate.

I think I'd have to give that Ruger a try.

When it comes to target rifles: Pretty is...as pretty does!