Looking for a folding knife & bottle opener...

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Mar 13, 2006
Fuquay Varina, NC
I'm trying to find a folding knife that I can keep clipped to my front pocket for use as an everyday knife. I really don't care if it has serrations or not, but I would ideally like to have a bottle opener on it as well. Don't care if the bottle opener is somehow incorporated into the blade or into the handle. I do not want multiple blades (so no multi-tools). Looking for a blade "about" 3 inches.

Does such a knife exist? Thank you...
if you use the proper technique, any medium sized knife (when closed!)can be used to open a bottle.

Its like the Bic lighter technique, modified.

Do you follow?
Highorder...the only problem with that technique (which I've used before with lighters) is that after a few "uses", I tend to start getting clumsy. And since I probably won't be opening soda bottles, I'd rather have something that was made for bottle opening.

Soccergod...that's a bit small for the blade but was close to what I was thinking/hoping for. Thanks though.
Two choices as I see it

1 Some sort of swiss army knife

2 A scout knife, I carry an old camillus, it is great
I've thought idly for some time that any waved spyderco could be used to open bottles.

I second the old camillus, too. Mine's got bottle duty constantly.

Still, this demands research.

[dons wizard hat and robe, warms up google wand]
He said he doesn't want a multi-blade. In that case, I reccomend a Spyderco Delica, waved.

You that little hook, above the blade? It's designed to catch the blade on your pocket and flick it open when you draw it. However, when it is open, you stick the hook under the ridges of a bottle cap and lever up, succesfully opening you lovely beverage.
-Several seconds later-

I see a few gimmicky ones. I can't vouch for a $14 knife I've never tried myself. Then, Buck makes one if you like the round key type (reminiscent of those 5-in-1 keychains my fraternity used to sell..)

My vote for most likely to be a quality product is Kershaw's E.T. I forgot they were pushing the carabiner/bottle opener thing as a feature. How it is at opening bottles, I'm not really sure.. but it's on my list just for the weird factor :)
That fourteen dollar one is a Mantis, and should not be considered due to Jared West's business tactics and "ethics"
Short Revolution

I have a Buck/Whittaker Short Revolution.

It has a good-to-great blade that takes and holds an edge well.

One end of the blade is a clip, designed to attach the knife to a bag, pack, belt loop, or whatever. The handle revolves to expose either the blade (which hides the clip) or the clip (which hides the blade). The knife has a pivot lock button that latches it in both positions.

The good: a really good blade/edge.

The other good: the clip can be used as a bottle opener.

The bad: it's not really a folding knife, because either the blade or the clip is always exposed, meaning its length is pretty much constant. Means it won't ride well in a front pocket.

It might be fine in a back pocket or hung on a belt loop.

I carry mine in the truck's center console. I haven't really experimented with ways of carrying it on me, but I guess I should.

It's a fine piece of hardware, but it's not as convenient as I was hoping.

I'll report back when I've had a chance to try some different carry methods.
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I just leverage them off with the blade of whatever folder happens to be in the pocket, (in this case a 79mm Rescue). Choke up on the cap with one hand, lever it off with the knife (closed) in the other. Don't use the handles, use the closed part of the blade. The Rescue's an easy one to do this with because of the big hump for the thumb hole - but once you get the hang of it, any reasonably stiff, small object will work (like the back end of a stubby razel).

You can do the same thing with an empty bottle, as long as you choke up on the tops of both of them tightly with your hands (otherwise they'll break, more often then not).

Watch out, you'll end up with the same slim, girlish figure I have if you practice this too much.


leatherman offers a few with the bottle openers on the opposite end from the blade, i have the one with the metal handles and love it enough that i bought a second one
I was actually surprised at how expensive the Leatherman knife was (around $50, IIRC), especially since it didn't look like a great knife, just a decent one. I mean, geez, it's 420.
Just get one of these and stick it on your keyring. (company only sells in bulk, but you can find one at a mall or flea market) Believe me, if you're drinking adult beverages in bottles in quantities that require an opener, you really don't want to be waving a knife around every time you open one. People will think you're disturbed.
I'm beginning to sound like a broken record in this area, but I'll advise the Waved Endura, or the Waved Delica (as CZ.22 previously suggested.)

I've opened many-a frosty barley pop with my Endura.
Any knife anywhere near an inch from the edge to the back of the blade can easily be used in the "Big lighter" technique, except it's faster than a Bic lighter, faster than an actual bottle opener, and doesn't necessitate carrying another tool.

I've opened probably 1,000 bottles with a SOG Twitch XL and never cut myself once, even after the 7th or 8th (750ml) bottle (containing Belgian quads split between a couple friends).
I'd stay away from anything requiring you to expose a sharp edge or point for the stated purpose.
A Church Key and a Knife

My Buck folding Alpha Hunter with 154CM steel cost me $65, retail $102, but does not include a bottle opener that I could buy for under a buck nearly anywhere. Since I recently bought such a knife, I cannot currently afford a basic bottle opener. If I cut my wrists with my super-sharp Buck Knife, I'd need no more beer, therefore no real need for a less than a $1 bottle-opener. WAIT! I just discovered screw-off lids, so I can keep my knife and still drink beer! How cool is that! cliffy
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