Looking for a new CC firearm

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The perfect 45acp carry piece unfortunately was never put onto the market. It would have been a Ruger SR45c. The SR40c wasn't bad, but a little hard to come by now. If it were me, I'd probably go with a S&W shield in 45.
I’m very happy with my .45 shield. The micro 9s and 40s just felt awkward in my hand, but the .45 is darn near perfect. It’s also not nearly as violent to shoot as I’d expected.

I wear a size large glove with a bit of room to spare, and get half a pinky on the grip with the shorter mag.
I have a 4-inch M&P M2.0 compact in 40 and it's very nice. Good capacity and easy shooting but it's more gun than I want to carry most times. Before the new higher capacity 9mms came out, I considered getting a Shield in 40 (or maybe an M&P 40c) but then I got a P365 and I lost interest in the Shield 40. I do have a Shield in 45 which I like I opt for the P365 most of the time.

If S&W made a Shield Plus in 40, that might be interesting.
Used to carry a Sig P220 compact before the micro 9 revolution started.
If you want a 40, then I would definitely take a good look at the HK USP 40c. Don't think there is a more reliable 40 made.
On the XDM elites they have a 4lb trigger

the 10mm Compact is definitely my next purchase
You might want to have a look at a Springfield XDS carried one for a few years but just decided that a G48 was a better fit for me with the sheld arms 15 round magazine
XD mod 2 .45acp 3.8" compact is a perfect carry gun for me. 9 + 1 rounds of .45acp with the flush magazine. With the extended magazine I get 13 + 1 rounds of .45 acp and it handles more like a range gun than a compact carry gun. I was pretty shocked at how nice of a gun it is when I picked it up a few years back on sale in the $400 range. I was totally surprised at how nice the trigger is for its price range and for being striker fired!

It may not be the right pistol for everyone but it sure suites me well. The XDs in .45 acp is another option. Thinner and lighter it is nicer for carrying but not nearly as nice a shooter as the double stack XD mod 2. The XDs borders on the edge of painful to shoot several hundred rounds through but the XD mod 2 with its wider grip is a pussy cat even at many hundreds of rounds in an outing.

Some day I would like to pick up an XDm Elite 10mm compact but I have such a hard time justifying one with as much as I love my XD mod 2 .45 acp compact.

The odds are very slim that you can locate in person, then physically Handle an "LEO Turn-In" Sig P229 DAO (.40), before deciding whether to buy one.

This 7# trigger was Not at all heavy (plus very little stacking), and probably the Smoothest, overall best pull of any handgun I've ever tried. I assumed that the trigger group was stock.
It was the personal gun of a gun club member, who is an instructor at the Police Academy.

The hang-up is usually having access to try out any unfamiliar guns' ergos, in person.

You notice the following of the HK USP series.
If doing a USP trigger group swap is fairly simple for something better than the stock trigger pulls in DA, this might be my choice.

Had I known about three years ago that the trigger (etc) swap is not difficult, I would have Loved a USP 9mm Compact, or a USP .40 Compact.
With four compact range/carry handguns, there is no longer any reason to pursue that project.
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