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Looking for a Quality Holster? This might help you out.

Discussion in 'Handguns: Holsters and Accessories' started by possum, Feb 19, 2009.

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  1. possum

    possum Member

    Oct 12, 2005
    Concord, N.C.
    Lots of folks search for a good holster, weather for CCW, OC, IWB, OWB, Kydex, leather etc. In light of all the folks that ask the questions I figured I would post my results with many of the best holster makers on the market and some of their products. All the holsters listed and described herein, I have personally used for training courses/ training at the local range/CCW/ etc, they are the holsters that I would/ do trust my life too and ones that I highly recommend to others. They have been used and abused for sure. This info has taken alot of time, and energy to gather, and my intentions are to help a few folks out, and hopefully allow them to get the right holster for them and save them a little money in th eprocess, and the headache of having a dozen holsters.

    Blade Tech OWB Paddle holster

    The best paddle holster that I have owned/ used/ trained with. It is very strudy can handle anything you can throw at it, and then some. The paddle is secure and will not move around on you. It has extra support at the mouth of the holster which allows for the one handed operations. The top of the mouth is radioused for easier re holstering. The holster is can’t adjustable, as well has 2 retention screws. I have mine set at the fbi cant as well as the retention set light enough to have a smooth fast draw. With this holster and form concealment I have achieved 3rds on target, on the move in 1.97 seconds. It isn’t the fastest holster on the market but it is good to go in my book. It is also perfect for idpa style matches, and idpa approved. I have used this holster with my xd service model in 3 training courses to dats, and countless draws, one hand operations, and it is in no way effected. The holster in the front is relieved enough to allow you to be able to orient the gun in the direction of the threat/ target faster. This is one of many pieces of gear that I have from blade tech, I will continue to use train with and buy blade tech products.

    1)Sturdy, and tough as nails.
    2)Retention screws
    3)Can’t adjustable
    4)Solid paddle with no movment when set.
    5)Customer service

    1)Though it does have retention screws which is a great thing, once you set the retention to where you want it, make sure you locktite the screws, they have a way of coming out when you don’t need and or want them too. However if you do loose a screw or piece of hardware blade tech will take care of you.

    2)Though it can be used for a CCW holster it is a little big for a t shirt for sure, but with the proper attire this holster is more than capable.

    Blackhawk Serpa Holster.

    This holster has gotten a lot of scrutiny and there are several well known training companies that do not allow the use of the serpa in their courses. My first owb holster for my xd was a serpa, it served me well as a range holster, and at that time I wasn’t carrying, so it served all my needs that I had, after starting CCW and taking a hard look at the gear, it just isn’t the best for CCW, it is thick, and it dosen’t set close enough to the body, and can cause some serious printing issues, again with the right attire this can be fixed. After using holsters without retention buttons, hoods,snaps etc, I descided that I didn’t like the fact that I had to push a button to get the gun out. For some this is ok and this is mandatory but not for me as a ccw holder. I will say that using the retention scres you can set the gun to draw very very smoothly and the button in no way is hard to use or even hard to get used too, it is a natural draw all the way through. The paddle is can’t adjustable too. When you buy the holster it comes with the paddle and the belt attachment, the belt attachment for me wasn’t secure enough as well it was even worse for ccw.

    1)Easy to find, and a relatively inexpensive
    2)Good for the range,
    3)Can support one hand manipulations. Secure paddle
    4)Smooth draw
    5)After market parts to make It fit and work for many missions, ie drop leg, chest mountable, etc.

    1)Retention buttons for me is a negative
    2)Doesn’t work well for ccw.
    3)Belt attachment not sercure as I would like it to be.
    4)Some Professional instructors do not allow them, there have been issues in the past with them and when these guys talk I listen, some with a grain of salt, but when there is good reasons, and many saying the same thing for the same reason I take note.
    5)Possibility of button getting dirt/grip.grit behind it and not working as it is supposed to.

    Fobus Roto Holster

    Simply put, good idea, bad execution. The worse holster (owb) that I have ever seen/ used for/training/ ccw etc. It is thick and has major issues printing even under thick clothes. It is cant adjustable but not like other makers have made them. I am not even going to go into the details and give this holster the time to explain the way it is made and it’s short comings. I will say this, I would set the cant to where I wanted it, if I got in the car and the butt of the handgun hit the seat, the holster would rotate the forward, so by the time I got done with a long road trip, my gun was all kinds of wrong. It isn’t secure, and it doesn’t allow for a smooth draw no matter what you do.

    1)it is cheap in price
    2)Has retention screws.

    1)It is cheap in quality
    2)To big and cumbersome for CCW.
    3)It is a fobus
    4)Dosen’t allow for a smooth draw.

    Raven concealment Holsters the phantom


    Ever wanted a great IWB holster, and the same as an OWB, and have the possibility to have a drop leg with the same holster? This in my opinion is the best holster maker on the market right now for hard use holsters. There is not a retention screw, the holster has natural retention form the molding process. The holster is totally modular, there are multiple options for using it as an IWB holster, change the hard ware and it is an OWB, and coming soon they are going to offer the hardware to allow you to use as a drop leg/thigh holster. Their customer service is top notch, and their holsters are thin but rugged, and they can stand up too, a life time of use/ training/ carry and abuse.the raven is the thinnest kydex holster on the market that I know of. Additionally the accessories that raven sells are totally compatable with each other, you can attach any of them together that you want to. For example a mag pouch and a flashlight pouch, just get the hard ware and you can make any combo that you want. Btw if you are a member of www.getoffthex.com there are things that raven allows us to get before others. I guess you can say that we get dibs.

    1)Totally modular. one holster does it all, iwb, owb, drop leg,
    2)Can add accessories to the holsters.
    3)Thin, easy to conceal even with just a t shirt.
    4)No screws to worry about coming loose.
    5)Well made, durable, and will last
    6)Great customer service support.
    7)Though not cheap among one of the better priced of the hard use holsters.

    1)They don’t offer the phantom in a lot of different guns like most companies do, however they do offer the ones that are most common, and in widest use. (here is a list)
    •Beretta 92 (M-9)
    •Colt 1911
    •Glock 26/27/33
    •Glock 19/23/32
    •Glock 17/22/31
    •Glock 34/35
    •Glock 17L
    •Glock 20/21
    •Glock 30/36
    •HK PSP
    •HK P-7 M8
    •HK P-7 M13
    •HK USP Compact
    •HK USP
    •HK P2000
    •HK Mk23 SOCOM
    •Kimber Warrior
    •Ruger SP-101
    •Sig P-220
    •Sig P-220 w/rail
    •Sig P-226
    •Sig P-226 w/rail
    •Sig P-228
    •Sig P-229
    •Sig P-229 w/rail
    Sig P-229 DAK w/rail
    •Sig P-230
    •Sig P-239
    •Springfield Operator
    •Springfield XD Compact
    •Springfield XD
    •Springfield XD Tactical
    •S&W 4506
    •S&W 5906
    •S&W 6906
    •S&W Sigma
    •S&W SW99
    •S&W M&P Compact
    •S&W M&P
    •S&W M&P .45
    •Taurus 24/7
    •Taser X-26

    CompTac Mtac


    Even though the raven is as good as it is, my favorite IWB of all that I have used is the mtac. And really there is only 2 reaons that I prefer the mtac to the raven. 1) the ability to change holster bodies on the mtac base. 2) can’t adjustable, retention adjustable, and adjustable for height. It is ruggedly made, sturdy, with no “shifting”. It is the most concealable, and comfortable holster that I have used. Conceals under anything, and you even have the option to tuck the shirt as well. Being able to adjust the cant is always a good thing in my book, being able to adjust height is a genius idea especially on an IWB holster, shooter preference and the gun will dictate where and how it needs to sit, this is additaionally important since you can change the holster body as well. For a different gun you might need to adjust the height up or down, and this makes it easy to do. This is a well thought out and executed holster.

    2)Concealable, as well as tuckable
    3)Stable, sturdy, and well built
    4)Height adjustable
    5)Can’t adjustable
    6)Retention screws
    7)Ability to change the holster body for other guns.
    8)Leather on the skin as opposed to kydex.

    1)I haven’t found one yet, people like to think that the price tag at $80 is a little to high I disagree, it is worth that and a whole lot more.

    Grandfather oak IWB
    A decent holster all around nothing too exciting, but simple and effective. i bought this holster at a gin show in NC from the guy that makes them. I got one for my xd service model, and though the gun fits in there, it is way to tight and there is way to much force needed to get the gun out. However with the xd sc it worked perfectly, obviously there is no retention screw, the holster is extra thin and easily concealed, and somewhat stable and steady but not as much as I would likr it to be, it only has one belt loop though and I think that is one of it’s biggest down falls, that and the fact that it dosen’t hold the gun that it is meant to correctly. The funny thing is that this holster works better with my glock 23 than it dose the xd service model, which is the gun for which I got the holster. I think that they are $35 and they have a lifetime warranty, they back their products, or as the guy that makes em says they do, I don’t know I have neevr used their customer service.
    1)Ultra thin
    3)East on/off

    2)No retention scres, fits to tightly.
    3)Only one belt loop
    4)Not as stable as I would like, has a way of shifting.
  2. possum

    possum Member

    Oct 12, 2005
    Concord, N.C.
    blackhawk serpa holster

    grandfather oak iwb kydex
    and one more...
    and my blade tech paddle in use here,
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