Marlin 1894 v. 1894C

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Dec 17, 2011
Any one have any opinion on the Marlin 1894(.44 Magnum) compared to the 1894C(.357 Magnum)?

Been looking into this and so far the only real benefit to .44 Magnum is once one gets out past 100 yards as the heavy weight of the bullet, but at that point one may as well be using a cartridge more suited for that task.

Any one have any thoughts on this?
As a truck/ house gun, advantage goes to the .44- not for the magnums, but for use of spl loads at close range. Especially at subsonic velocities, the bigger, heavier bullet becomes important.
Do you have a revolver in 44 or 357? If so pick the Marlin to match to make ammo storage easier. If you have both or neither pick which ever one you want. I went w/ 357 because it fulfills my needs. I don't get any shots longer than 100 yards where I hunt. And if I were to use it for black bear I will not take a shot longer than 25 yards. I also reload/cast and the 44 uses more powder/lead which was another consideration.

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I've had both and kept the 357. I wasn't hunting with it, so there were no advantages to having a bigger, heavier, substantially harder kicking gun.

The 1894c is a crowd pleaser. Everybody loves shooting it, and with a little love the action slicks up significantly and easily.
My son has used a 44 magnum marlin to hunt whitetail deer. Three bullets, three deer, dead right there. These were 95 yard shots with 240 grain solid flat point lead bullets. A 357 will work but is a much lighter loading.
Have both.
357 has feeding probs with wadcutters and 38 spcl. (I've heard other people have the same prob, but most seem not to...perhaps I'll get it looked at some day. But for now, any Walmart 357 works fine.
44 is not a hard kicker, it gives a pleasant thump, which the 357 does not even do that.
My 44 is also octagon: but I like both rifles.
If I could only have one: I'd take the 44 (and I have 2 357 pistols and no 44 mag pistols).
I own a Marlin 1894C and it will take any Deer bullet out to 100 yards with the right ammo. Like said above, out past that switch to your 30-30 levergun. (Glenfield Model 30)
Decided I will be going with the 1894C.

The reasons being slightly cheaper ammo that takes up less room. That and if I ever want to get a revolver, the weight restrictions in Chicago will make getting one in .44 Magnum problematic.
A quick check puts nearly all .44 Magnum double action revolvers over 50 ounces, the max weight for a registrable pistol here.
a taurus tracker with a 4" barrel in 44mag weighs 34oz. a regular 4" 44mag check in at 45oz.

any ruger redhawk with a barrel less than 6" is 49oz or less.

most of the 6" or less smith 629's are less than 50 oz. if you need a longer barrel, the 329 hunter only weighs 34oz.

in fact, most 44mag revolvers I looked at are less than 50oz, unless you step up to barrels longer than 6"
If you're looking for a deer gun, I would go with the .44. I have one that I bought used and am going to clean up - the question now is, do I save it for when my (almost) 4 year old is old enough to hunt or do I bring it to the gun show coming up in a couple of weeks and see what it'll bring me.

I have a .357 revolver and no .44 revolver, but for a deer rifle, I would go the .44 route.

And not to hijack the thread, but why do they have a max weight restriction on handguns? I would think they would want people toting the heaviest, bulkiest gun possible.
A quick check puts nearly all .44 Magnum double action revolvers over 50 ounces, the max weight for a registrable pistol here.
A good Lord! The libs have a weight restriction? I've never heard of that.

You poor soul. Blast off and nuke it from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

To stay at least partly on topic: I'd like the .357 myself. The idea of pairing up a pistol and lever gun makes a shiver run up my leg!
A good Lord! The libs have a weight restriction? I've never heard of that

Considering that until 2010 Chicago had a total ban on any handgun ownership, I suppose it could be considered an improvement. It's still stupid and pointless but...

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