Moneybomb for NRA-ILA

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Just donated again. Figured if I could buy a CZ I could swing a few bucks to protect my right to buy a CZ.

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I already donated to the NRA and renewed my membership for an added 2 years. However, I am mailing in my payment to the NRA-ILA because their website REQUIRES you to put in your phone number. Giving your name, address and email already gets me a ton of gun related junk mail and emails. I do not appreciate them having my phone number. If it was optional I wouldn't have a problem with it.
I am a faithful NRA member, but you may want to consider something more effective for a media bllitz. The NRA is too wimpy to really get the message across.

It would be better for form a super PAC which would have no "image" to protect.

It's time we start getting the real message out.

People like Biden and Feinstein are the real killers. They KNOW their gun control laws will result in more crime and they DON'T care.

It's time to start putting their faces in some ads and showing the public what these creeps want to do to our society. It's time to make it personal. They want guns to protect their sorry hides, but they fight tooth and nail to make sure our kids are totally unprotected with gun free zones and by harassing anyone who tries to make a difference.
Larry, if it is any consolation, I have donated through that website several times in the past and never received a single phone call - although I am on the NRA's no-marketing list as well as the Do-Not-Call list.
I am also on the no-marketing list and have Do-Not-Call. On your word I will send a nice donation today. Thanks!
+1 for the idea of a super pac. It would be nice to shine the light on some of these cockroaches in our state and national capitals.
On the note that they require a phone number, I always put my NRA member #, my e-mail address but always just put a 555-xxxx phone number as I won't give them that. I've got family and friends that have had the misfortune of getting on their calling list. I know they're trying to raise money but no thanks on that.
Just sent another donation. As for the telephone number, I too have never received any calls from them (or an affiliate organization) but second the increased mail (both letter & e-mail). However, I feel that is a minor inconvenience for them representing a good cause.
I'm starting to feel like you tend to see the same people over and over again in these threads and far too few of them to be straight. I see far more activity in the price gouging threads or in stock alerts than I do here in activism. This confounds me given everything that is going on today.

Is there more that can be done by the owners and administrators of the forum to get people involved? I don't have any grand idea, it just seems like there is opportunity to put this more in people's faces who frequent the other areas.

Kind of thinking out loud here, not trying to bash the good folks running the site.

I donated as well.
There are a large number of people who bury their heads in the sand and will refuse to acknowledge the obvious until the State Police are pounding on the door, many of them gun owners.
All we can do is put the info out there.
Gave them 25 last month and am gonna make it a regular monthly routine to do 25 a month. Been an NRA member since the mid-eighties and a life member since 2000. Remember; this is politics, and money talks and B.S. walks.
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