Please donate whatever you can to NRA-ILA now!

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I was thinking about buying my wife a life membership for $300.

Is it better to send a donation to NRA ILA? I just sent in $100.
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An NRA membership supports firearms safety, range building, youth programs, and competition shooting - all of which is necessary to create an environment where new shooters can thrive. However, the NRA charter soecifically prohibits them from using those dues for lobbying.

If you want to directly influence Congress, you need to donate to NRA-ILA or NRA-PVF.

If you want to support litigation, then NRA Civil Defense Fund.
I was surprised to learn that normal dues were prohibited from being used for lobbying efforts, so I've been trying to get the word out any way I can. This thread has been quite successful thus far. :)

Also, this time is different, it seems like they are much more energized and active, like they know how to defeat the NRA. I think they will come very close, if not pass some sort of legislation. I think a magazine ban is probably as much as they can ram through at this point, unless something else happens. I don't know about you guys, but I'm sick and tired of having to call my reps and write letters, emails just to protect whats supposed to be a fundamental freedom. Can't they just let us live in peace? However, I will continue to do whatever is in my power to protect our 2nd amendment freedoms.
I don't see them being successful. If it got to a floor vote, it might be close; but getting a floor vote in the House is going to be a tough hurdle. And while Harry Reid seems a bit wobbly right now, he has to realize that allowing gun control to get a vote on the Senate floor is going to hurt him in 2016... his last election was close and he isn't making any friends. Will he be willing to do that when he knows the law will probably die in the House anyway?

I am betting the main effort will be towards registration of some sort, though they won't have the balls to call it that. They'll go ahead and try an AWB just because; but it will primarily be a negotiating tactic.
Done... Multiple times over the past 3 months. I will continue to do so and hope others will as well. I also hope people are writing their congressman. Based on an article I read today the Mayors Against Gun Violence campaign is using the fact that they have had people send over 200,000 letters to try and convince on the fence politicians they risk more backlash for not voting on the AWB than for it.
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