Please donate whatever you can to NRA-ILA now!

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Mar 5, 2009

Donate with this link

As I'm sure all of you already know, the anti-gun forces across the country have indicated through various channels that they are going to exploit the tragic events that occurred in Sandy Hook, CT to advance their own gun-ban agenda, and strip us of our constitutionally guaranteed rights to keep and bear arms.

For years now, the most powerful firewall that stands between us and certain annihilation of our gun rights is the NRA, and it's lobbying arm, the NRA-ILA. These are the folks that are stationed in Washington, D.C. to ensure America's law abiding gun owners are respected in any sort of planned legislation. We may not always agree with a certain action the NRA takes from time to time, however, I'm sure that we can ALL agree that now is the time for us to stick together, rather than split apart and argue amongst ourselves, while the gun-grabbers sit back and quietly giggle at us.

Aside from frequently contacting your federal lawmakers, as well as your state representatives, the most effective means of fighting oppressive legislation, such as the recently announced Feinstien A.W.B is by donating whatever you possibly can to the NRA-ILA directly. It's important to note that donations to the normal NRA membership fund CANNOT be used for lobbying efforts, but rather for programs to train new shooters, and whatnot. While this is important, our focus should remain on Washington, D.C. at this time..

So in this shameless plea for money, I ask that you take a moment to examine your current financial situation, and contribute as much as you possibly can directly to the NRA-ILA and continue to call your representatives on a regular basis, as well as writing letters and e-mails. The anti-gun crowd is loud right now, we have to be louder.
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Donated $600. I implore anyone else who has the means to do the same.
I have donated, and done some product shopping in the store. I figure the sale of stickers doesn't hurt and I can give them to some friends who are "quite supporters" that don't advertise. The time for silent support is over, time to raise our voices and be heard. We may not have a chance later.
I did last week.

+1 that you donate to the NRA-ILA not just the NRA. Make sure it goes towards stopping these evil bills.
I cannot donate until I start getting paychecks again. Butt how do I volunteer with the NRA or NRA-ILA? With "4 million members?" and 80 million gun owners, the membership seems low at a time like this. We need membership drives, and I'd be willing to help out. I'm in PA until the 3rd and will be in Boulder CO for about 3-6 months after the 7'th. I could volunteer here now or there then.
Call you representatives and senators as often as you can, be short and to the point, but always polite and professional. Encourage everyone else you possibly can to do the same.
Now is the time....

I agree that this is the most critical time to donate to the NRA-ILA. Wish I could donate more, but I did donate what I could. Will donate again with my next pay check.
Thank you guys very much for your support, It is greatly appreciated by all law abiding gun owners. I will do whatever is in my power to defend the 2nd amendment, and support the NRA. Please encourage everyone you know to do the same.
Great idea! We absolutely can stop the proposed legislation from passing Congress. If the legislation dies, you'll have until after the 2014 elections at least to buy rifles, magazines, etc. at more reasonable prices. If everybody who was stripping the shelves bare sent $30 to NRA-ILA or another pro-Second Amendment group of their choosing, this bill would be deader than an armadillo on a Texas highway.
The magazine ban bill is being introduced today, and the new AWB will be some time this month. Thanks for all the donations thus far.
I gave last month, but I just did again for good measure. Another thing we can all do is write our senators and congressmen...not with just a "please don't support the gun ban", but with that plus, something like...

"I support the constitution of the United States of America. Accordingly, I will vote for, contribute to the campaign of, and assist the campaign of, only a representative who is of the same mind. Such a valued elected representative would not vote for any form of a firearms control or ban act, such as the draconian and unconstitutional piece of legislation that Diane Feinstein has recently published. Since I believe you are such a representative, you may count on my support in your next campaign."

I'm no speech writer, but the point I would want to get across without it sounding like a feeble threat, is that I will campaign for or against any person in office, based on his action in this matter. They have to know we'll do more than just vote for the other guy. They have to know we'll do all we can--knock on doors, hand out pamphlets, call radio talk shows, etc.

Anyway, that's my thought and when I finish here, I'll start my letters. At last check, our new Texas Senator still did not have an office or contact page, but when he does, I'll be ready with my, "I voted for you, now get to work!"
Thanks everyone, continue to call your representatives and let them know we will not tolerate infringement of our second amendment freedoms, especially those with good grades from the NRA, as we have seen some defections lately, but most have backed down, although may not be trusted again.
A life time around guns and reading NRA Literature has taught me this is a vicious cycle.

Something bad happens
Politicians start talking about legislation
Money flows into the NRA coffers
NRA sends that money into the Politicians coffers...
Everything calms down
Politicians wait for something bad to happen again.

How long before politicians start planning for the bad things to happen?

I refuse to fuel that fire.... I will vote for pro-gun legislators, I will write to anti-gun legislator, I will let the court make the rulings on the infringement of my rights.
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6.5x55, it seems that even if your assessment of the cycle is correct, your solution is wrong. If the cause and effect works as you describe then reward the NRA-ILA/politicians when they show the behavior you desire - calm.

Aside from that, your post pretty much falls outside the rules of Activism and is more properly suited to the Planning subforum.
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