My CZ P-01 w/ CZCUSTOM Aluminum Grips (pics)

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Jan 8, 2010
I posted this on the CZ forum but I know there are a few CZ fans over here as well, so...

I recently purchased the Ultra-Thin Aluminum grips from to replace the factory rubber grips which I found I didn't care for too much mostly due to the palm swell.

Since it's pretty hard to find decent pics of these grips on a P-01 I thought I would post some.

There are a couple that show the difference in thickness with the factory grips for comparison.

I just replaced the grip-tape that came with them with Brooks Tactical A-Grip material. It's really good stuff with some unique properties (doesn't grab clothing, actually grips BETTER with sweaty hands, etc.)








Thanks! I've always found the grips on my CZ to be incredibly comfortable but bulky when I compared it to others (such as my 1911 and revolvers). Granted those comparisons aren't fair but these grips looks really nice and potentially interest me. Mind me asking what kind of $$ these set you back?
Very nice! Being as I have big hand, I like the big, fat grips that come stock. That said, those sure do look sharp!
Thanks guys!

A lot of people (most) seem to love the factory rubber grips.

I have medium sized hands and the fat palm swell on them just didn't agree with me.
I put some thinner wood grips (also from CZ Custom; in fact, Angus Hobdell let me choose them and personally installed them) on my own PCR, but these aluminum grips are thinner still. I just might spring for some.
Beautiful, thanks for the detailed photos, looks like those would be worth a shot. I've got CZ half-checkered Coco Bolos on my PCR right now, wait, maybe they are full-checkered, I'd have to check.
Great idea using the A-Grip material like that. I really like the look and feel of the P-01. The grips make it look even better and I bet the slim profile is nice too. Pretty expensive though!
I had seen these on the CZ Custom Shop website and thought about getting them for my P-01 since I also think the factory grips are too fat for my hand. But when I saw the pictures of just how dramatically thinner they really are, I just had to order them. Thanks for the pics. You sold me. It doesn't hurt that they look really good as well.
Nice... Angus should put some decent pics on CZCustom. He might sell more of these!
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