My New Fatboy Jr. Gun Safe

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Dec 19, 2009
I just purchased a new Fat Boy Jr. gun safe from Liberty. I thought I would put down a few thoughts to help other first time safe buyers.

Firstly, the safe was exactly as expected; the exterior paint, decals and pin stripping were in excellent condition. The door was hung straight and works perfectly. The lock mechanism works as expected. The interior finish though is weak. The upholstery is fine but shelves are flimsy and the adjustable strips on the sides of the safe that support the shelves are stapled to the walls. I’ve already had to reaffix one of the strips.

I started by calling the Liberty dealers closest to me- the prices were higher than I could find elsewhere but the kicker was that none of them offered installation- just curb side delivery. The safe went into a first floor bedroom but getting it from the driveway to the interior room is a problem.

Lowe’s seemed like the best place to buy the safe. The purchase price is low and delivery price is ridiculously low. The Lowe’s webpage says that delivery is not offered on items over 250 lbs but if you call the store delivery manager or the national 800 number they’ll arrange it. The problem was that Lowes was sold out. The safe was on backorder with no estimated delivery date.

I bought the safe from Big R, a local chain, for $1,200 but I needed to arrange delivery. The first private guys I hired quickly demonstrated they were not up to the job. I found a professional firm that charged $400. It took 4 guys with equipment to get this safe into place. Don’t under estimate the effort needed to move this if you have any steps at all.

Once it was in place it looked bigger than we had imagined. My wife didn’t like the black shinny finish nor the word ‘Centurion’ or ‘Fatboy Jr.’ prominently displayed but I think she’s getting used to it. She suggested Liberty offer some designer options or provide a blank front.

The safe was bolted to two 4x4 for transportation. The bolts came through four holes in the bottom of the safe. Four plastic caps are provided to cover the holes from the inside. I haven’t bolted it down yet but I image these are the bolting holes. I just sent an email to Liberty asking how the safe can maintain a good fire rating with four direct openings to the exterior.

The safe is a good value for the money. It’s 705 lbs and would be difficult for thieves to carry away. I’m happy to have it and delighted with the peace of mind now that my kids are older and starting to stay home alone (yes the guns were secure before the safe but it was a difficult process to manage).

Advice from others was to buy a larger safe then I think I need. I concur and recommend the Fatboy Jr.
Terrific! I'm outgrowing my old safe and just looked at the Fatboy Jr. Since it's going downstairs the first thing I asked was,"How much to get it in the basement?" Let's see how that goes. The salesman kept saying no Prob, but he's not moving it.
But still pretty excited. Wife said no way to it being in a bedroom so workshop it goes.
Thanks for the review
Fatboy's(I hate that name) are 12 gauge steel with your typical Liberty 12 gauge wrapped around sheetrock refrigerator style door aka in gun safe parlance as a "composite door".

And to the original poster worry not about the four holes in the bottom of the safe because fires burn upward not so much downward.
Heat rises.
No doubt at 12 gage and $1200 it's not suitable for someone with more money wrapped up in their guns. I still haven't received a response from Liberty on the holes in the bottom. I'll prod them but I shouldn't have to.

My two kids are gun savvy but absolute security is still necessary- The safe has already brought me a peace of mind.
Response from Liberty Posted

Here the email I received from Liberty on the four holes in the bottom of the safe. I may plug them as recommend--I still like the safe but the holes cause concern.


Thank you for contacting Liberty Safe!

I’m sorry that you didn’t get an answer to your question the first time you sent an email to us. The 4 holes that are in the bottom of the safe are there in every safe that we make, and they are there when we do our fire testing. If you don’t plan on using the holes to bolt the safe to the floor you can get a fire sealant from your local hardware store and put in those hole to help. It will not affect the fire rating if they are not used or filled with a fire sealant.

Thank you and best regards,

The Liberty Safe Customer Service Team

Contact: 800-247-5625 press option 0 for a live representative

Hours of Operation: M – F, 8 am – 5 pm MT
Bolt it down. It's actually very easy to move if you know how and have the right tools if it's not bolted down. I would get a couple of flat steel bars and lay on the inside floor and run bolts through the bars and the safe floor into a joist or into the concrete if you're on a slab. Mount it so the side of the door that opens is in a corner or along a wall so they can't get a long bar into it. If they have room to work they'll get it out. Make them work for it!
Hey BomberBill357,check with your local gunshops,if they sell safe's they more than likely have a professional mover that does deliveries. Last year i purchased a 43x72 heritage safe,my wife thought as she usually does in her money saving scheme of things that her and i could bring it home in the bed of my truck. Yeh right. That changed real quick when i showed it to her,told ya so did'nt i. Well anyway the gunshop had a contracted safe mover that picked my safe up at the shop brought it 30mi to my house and put it inside the room i wanted it in. Let me tell you in about 15min i thought these two guy's were god.The equipment and the skill they had made it look like they were moving a cardboard box. And all for $250 bucks,still a good bit of money but well worth it
Thanks, thunderranch.45 I did, and decided to go with the new Liberty safe. It was going to be $250 for the new install and $350 to move the old one. (I really wanted a new safe) So I'm just going to sell my old Tread safe.
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