Centurion 17 by Liberty Safe

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Dec 31, 2006
Hey guys...I just picked up a Centurion 17 by Liberty Safe from Alan Hills at Liberty Safes in San Jose! Anyone have any experience they'd like to share about owning this safe? I know they're imported, but Alan reassured me that they're just as reliable as the ones made here which also includes the same exact warranty. He mentioned that all they do overseas is make these safes and they're exact replicas of the Liberty safes made here. All safe companies have to market an affordable line of safes and by importing, they're able to do that. It costs more to add a third shift to run manufacturing round the clock in order to build enough safes to meet the demand of the US market, so they import in order to keep prices down. I ended up with the Centurion 17 in textured granite which cost me $699 + tax. I don't have the room for a huge safe and besides, there's no way I can get a huge safe upstairs due to the stairway configuration. I also have an alarm system in my house, so a theif wouldn't have anytime to work at getting into the safe. Alan and I were able to lift this 420lb safe into my lifted truck, so I saved on delivery and installation. Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Happy New Year!!!

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Honestly, I'm not trying to rain on your parade, but I do want to make sure you know what you've got there.

The Centurion is not a U.L. rated safe, it's a Residential Security Container. Do a search for that term here on THR. Underwriter's won't rate anything as a safe unless it's got, as a minimum, 1/4" plate steel on all 6 sides. Your Centurion has no plate steel at all. Do find out what guage(s) the sheet metal on the sides & door are.

Anything is better than nothing. But it's a good thing you've got the alarm system installed. The RSC rating provides that it's proof against forced entry by 1 person using hand tools with no lever over 18" allowed, for 5 minutes. What's the guaranteed response time from your alarm company?

I'm a professional locksmith, specializing in safe sales. No, I'm not sour grapeing your purchase, I had no chance at it, right? But, I do tend to know what I'm talking about on this subject. A1abdj & I are the pro's on THR in this field, you'll find his comments support mine.

Hey CB-- Everyone who buys a "safe" knows that they could get something better by spending more money.. but they're spending what they're willing to pay.

If I went on a stereo enthusiast forum to say how excited I was about my new $40 boom-box I'm sure all kind of stereo snobs could tell me how I won't get very good sound out of those speakers.. Hey, I'm just excited that now I can listen to some music. While they may see the sense in spending a fortune on high-end stereo equipment I have other interests.. or maybe a mortgage payment due??

I'm in the business of doing high-end custom kitchen remodels. If I come over to your house for dinner and you want to show off the new faucet you put in to make your wife happy, do you want to hear criticism on your installation job and choice of faucet (because, trust me, you could have spent a lot more)? I'd guess fancy kitchens aren't your deal.. you just want a faucet that doesn't leak and a wife who doesn't nag.

A "Residential Security Device" is light years ahead of "Under the Bed" which is where many of our guns currently rest.

Better that I take some flak from a kibitzer like you, than the guy goes away thinking he's fully protected when he isn't. A false sense of security is a real good way to have your name listed as: "victim".

Thank you for your input. :neener:

I'm sorry I have poor english. Sorry all, what I meant to say is that I bought an RSC, not a safe! Yeah, I've done a search and read both of you guys' responses to other's posts, but not everyone here has thousands of dollars to spend on a real "SAFE". For what I bought..it's alot better than having nothing at all. Sure, someone can break into it, but will they stick around while the alarm siren is going off? Thanks for your input though...
I have a Liberty Centurion. The above poster is right...not all of us have thousands to dump into a safe, and the Centurion fits the bill. My problem is I can't get another long gun into it...it's pretty much full!

For the price you can't beat it. Another thing to consider is your safe is only one part of a total overall security plan. Living inconspicuously (meaning don't advertise what you got!), an alarm system, solid doors/locks, lighting, a dog maybe - in effect your home security should resemble an onion, not an egg! Besides, you can bolt the "inferior" Residential Security Container to the floor, which would preclude having it hauled off should someone get in and be afforded the time to attempt to dismantle it.

It is better than nothing - way better than nothing, and my insurance company will pay in the event of a loss - my insurance company does not make the distinction between an actual safe and a Residential Security Container. Yours may, but mine doesn't. They'll cover the loss either way. You made a good purchase.

If someone wants your stuff bad enough and conditions are right you could lock your stuff in the bowels of Fort Knox and it will be gone when you get back! This safe will keep kids, incompetents and casuals out while providing a good level of security. Most residential burglars are opportunists who 1)do not carry tools 2)wouldn't know how to use them if they did and 3)will see a safe, assume you've got ALL your valuables locked up and move on to a "softer" target. No I am not a security professional - I don't have to be to use common sense.

Enjoy your purchase.
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