Need advice on trading a handgun out of state.

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Jan 10, 2007
SE Pennsylvania
I need some advice as to how to cover my butt for making a trade of a handgun. I'm in Pa and the person I'm trading with is in Tennessee.

I trust the person to ship his gun and hold up his end of the deal.

My concern is what proof do I have that I sold the gun in case it ends up in the wrong hands and in the wrong place. I will be shipping my gun to his FFL.

Can I request a receipt from his FFL when he does the transfer paperwork??

I will be shipping it UPS from where I work. I will be requesting "adult signature required" and insuring my gun.

Thanks in advance for your help :) :)
Trade is a little weird, but I would guess just draw up a simple "Bill of Sale" showing the other gun as "Payment" in lieu of cash. Once the FFL gets it I would not worry further as it's his responsibility to run the NICS check and paperwork, etc.
The best would be to ship through an FFL on your end. They can log it in and give you a receipt, if you request one. It is cheaper as well as the FFL can use the USPS flat rate box ($9.95 + insurance) even though he will want a little money for his "trouble". Mine charges $25 for outgoing and that covers the postage and insurance, and they do the packaging as well.
I just did the same type of trade. As stated above ship from a FFL to another FFL and there should be no worries.
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