New AK What Are My Optics Options?

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Feb 1, 2003
Ok, heres the deal, Im an AK newbie. Just got an SAR-2 (AK74 clone) and after a trip to the range, I've found the iron sights to be coarse and far off of point of impact. What kind of inherent accuracy should I be expecting? Anyway, after 400 or so rounds and a good cleaning, Im thinking, "this thing is just begging for a red dot."

What are my options in terms of red dots or holo-sights? On the side of the reciever there is that funky optics mount. I've seen pics of Russian soldiers with all manner of glass attached to their rifles. Obviously (or maybe not) they're using Russian made stuff. Whats the lowdown on that stuff? I think Kobra is a brand? Also, on gunbroker, there are a couple of 'weaver style mounts' for the 74/SAR2. Has anybody tried them and if so, to what result?

Overall, I'm pretty impressed by the ruggedness and natural pointability of the 74, but I think it might need some kind of glass to realize its true potential.

Pics are welcome :p
A great many AK owners have a Kobra, including myself. It is a great sight and I would highly recommend one. Very robust. You can put it on and take it off without much, if any at all, loss in zero. Mine's been off and on a lot and still holds true.

I got mine from Tantal. Great service and prices. E-mail for current prices and availability.

There are also some new Russian optics, PK series, listed there that look promising, but I don't have any experience with them.

I have a PK-01V mounted on my converted Saiga. I got the site from I like it A LOT better than the Kobra that I used to have. The PK-01V's adjustments are much easier to use, and the unit feels more solid.

Here's a few pictures of my Ultimak setup with an Aimpoint Comp M on a Arsenal, Inc. SLR-101. I had a side-rail mount, but it never returned exactly to zero after being removed for cleaning. Great mount and cowitnesses with the irons in the lower portion of the scope.



Hey, thanks for the speedy replies... Ill probably go with the PK-01V.

Going in that direction, I have a few more questions. How long will the batteries last assuming use at the 'middle' brightness setting? Along the same line, is the look of the interior of the tube dark or is it nice and bright? Is it possible to use the iron sights under the tube or are they obscured?

Again, thanks for the good info

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I'm using a freedom optics low weaver siderail QD mount with a PK04 (AKA ATN Ultrasight). I'll post a pic if I get a chance. That combination does not co-witness, and has a high profile, similar to that of a Kobra red dot. The Kobras have gone up a bit in price and are harder to find right now.


Sorry about crappy pics-I used the backup camera.
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Check out I purchased a POSP 4x24 siderail-mount scope for $99 + $10 S/H for my SAR-1 and am very impressed. The optical clarity is absolutely excellent, and it holds zero well when removed and replaced. I believe they also sell Kobra's over there.
I have both a Kobra red dot sight, and a pso-1. Both are from Russian and are high quality. If I could only have one, I would go with the Kobra. Just make sure you get the one that uses AAA and not the button battery. The Kobra is currently on my rifle now and is "ready to go" in the closet.
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