Number of mags for bolt action

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Nov 28, 2006
I just picked up a SIG SHR 970. It came with the one detachable mag that was in the rifle. I have two more that will land today. This is my first bolt action with a detachable mag. How many mags is it advisable to keep for a bolt action rifle? As this rifle isn't a common one I tend towards having a few more. Thoughts?

I should add that my use with this rifle will be for punching paper.
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Murphys Law of Magazines.
1 = 0
2 = 1
3 = 2
4, or more = Maybe enough, probably.

For a rifle like that one, mags will never be easy to find, or cheap.

I'd get'm while you can.

I assume this is for hunting/ targets? Honestly I only have one rifle with a detachable mag, my No1 MkIII, and it was not meant to be changed out for reloading. I can only see having 2 or 3 at most, maybe 4 cause I like round numbers. I guess it all depends on how fast you are looking to shoot and how little reloading of mags you want to do. But if they are rare then more might be better.
You have the right amount of mags for a bolt action if you have the one that came with the rifle.
I would get a couple just to have spares. The biggest reason for having an extra mag for a hunting rifle is in case the original mag is lost. MOST mags for bolt action hunting rifles hold from 2-5 rounds (.22lr,etc being exceptions)with little reason for rapid mag swaps. It would be good to have a spare in the event of a lost mag. As RC said,some mags are harder to find and it is prudent to get 'em while you can.
For a rifle like that one, mags will never be easy to find, or cheap.

I'd get'm while you can.


But if they are rare then more might be better.

That's exactly what I was thinking. Three would be good, but two more for five would be even better. I just ordered two more. For $16.50 each I have peace of mind.

Just punching paper I won't really be in any hurry reloading, but since I have the opportunity to get them now and store them away if I need them it seemed a good idea.

BTW, if anyone is looking for SIG SHR 970 mags Joespawnshop on Gunbroker has them. Time to grab the two in my mailbox.
Yup. there have been times when something was available to me and I hesitated and thensome time down the road lived to regret it when it was no longer available.

I can see that 1=0 is so true. If the one mag goes or is lost and I can't get another I'm screwed. Four would have been fine, but the auction is for two, so I can live with a total of five. Besides, I doubt they will decline in value over the years.
I've missed getting a couple spares for my K31 when they were available for a mere 3 days. I'm still kicking myself for that.

The next little bolt gun I got, I popped for 4 extras for a total of 5, since it was a Zastava rifle and I had no idea how much longer they would be easy to find.
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