OE vs Swiss

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May 17, 2008
South Alabama
Just curious having never used OE, does it match up pretty close with Swiss? For example if I use Swiss 2F with 45-70 do I use OE 2f and expect the same results as far as velocity ,fouling ease of cleaning etc? Its about time for another 10 lb order and I was thinking of switching over to the OE. I like American made stuff especially when and if its equal to the best foreign made. I do have a lb of Goex 2F and 3F left but Swiss truly is better. I also have a lb of Elephant that I've had for years. Not wanting to try it. Also have three or 4 lbs of Swiss 1.5F I guess I'll use in my 20 ga smoothbore, I'm just low on 2 and 3 F in Swiss so I am going to order those two soon.
Thanks Don. That's good to know. Think I'm gonna switch completely to OE as I use up the rest of the stuff I have.
If you're using a powder drop to charge the cases, just leave it set for what ever you're doing with the Swiss.
If you're weighing the charges then throw them at 70 grs, for bullets 520 and under and 68 for 520 and up..060 fiber wad if you have them.
Much prefer OE 1.5 for 45-70. It delivers slight velocity improvements and lower standard deviations in my experience. OE is relatively low residue in my opinion.
RPRNY, Have you chrono'd both the 1.5 and the 2F? With Swiss, I got lower velocity with 1.5 than I did with 2F, same rifle, brass, primer and charge weight.
When weighing the charges at 70 grs. the velocity difference between 2f and 1.5 with a 530 gr bullet was about 20 fps. 2f burns a bit cleaner, than the 1.5, but the proof of the pudding really comes down to what the target tells you. In my 45-70's 2f OE does the best. My 44-77's also do well with 2f. My 40-70 ss, and the 45-90 do better with 1 1/2 F.
My 45-70 did better with the 2F and you're right don, my notes tell me that the 2F had an average of about 22fps difference. Not really enough to be concerned about but the holes were closer to each other with the 2F. Stll have some 1.5 Swiss and am starting fresh with OE. Think I'm gonna just get 2F mostly with about 3 cans of 3F.
My Pedersoli RB 45-70 with 30" barrel shooting paper patched 500 gr slicks averaged 26 fps faster with OE 1.5 and averages 11 fps SD vs 24 fps SD with Swiss 2F. In my view, OE is the lowest residue and easiest to keep soft of any Black Powder I have used. With the 530 grs Postel I have limited data for Swiss 2F but it looks like it may have had a slight edge on velocity.

I use an 11 grs OE 3F priming charge and 63 grs 1.5 with paper patched slicks and 9 grs primer with the Postel. Shot Swiss 2F straight up at 68 grs and 66 grs so not a straight apples to apples comparison.

1.5 OE is definitely my go to for accuracy in 45-70. I use 2F for shotgun, my 50 cal double rifle, 444 BP, and some 45 Colt rifle loads.

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So about OE making less fouling than Swiss... any truth to this? I would like to reduce fouling if possible.
Thanks guys. I also learned that they have reenactor powder that has athe flash and bang but with lower pressure.
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