Original 686 or original King Cobra

I have only had one problem out of my original King Cobras. At about 35k rounds, the barrel started unscrewing. My gunsmith checked the cylinder gap and declared the barrel did not need to be set back due to forcing cone erosion. He put red Loctite on the barrel and screwed it back on. That was 10 years or so ago. No problems since.
I think are both reliable and good guns, but, but the S&W is still in production, so accessories and parts are more likely to be available.
Also, my 586 and 681 have terrific triggers, both the result of talented gunsmiths.

While the new COLT Python does not seem to need trigger work, the old COLT King Cobra's that I have handled, needed work to smooth out their gritty triggers. This is a problem with the RUGER GP-100 and S&W as well,, in most cases
As for the GP-100, most need work on their trigger, right out of the box. The only RUGER GP-100 I would buy now is the MATCH CHAMPION. I say that as the owner of 3 GP-100 revolvers. I plan to trade in my blue 4.2 inch GP-100 when I get a MATCH CHAMPION.

My MC is the best gun in the safe. It does have a 8lb Wolff spring and 1000 dry fires. Best trigger in the house and damn accurate
I believe it was Jerry Kuhnhaunsen who described the Colt King Cobra as the strongest ever built 357. But I don’t guess he ever looked at the first production Ruger Redhawks in 357??
Kuhnhausen was talking about medium frame revolvers, not large frame's like the Redhawk.