Out shot my uncle who taught me to shoot

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Nov 13, 2005
Palm Beach County
Well my uncle is down on vacation so I took him to the pistol range to shoot my guns. Now my uncle taught me how to shoot hell one time he shot a woodchuck in the head at 500 yds with a .243 with a bipod on my dad's truck.

Any way we go to the range and I totally outshoot my uncle. Granted his guns are revolver's. But man I totally outshot him with my guns it wasn't even close.

Has this happened to any of you guys. Have you ever outclassed your teachers/heroes with guns. Out shooting my uncle with a pistol has really been bugging me.

Oh I also took my uncle to a gunshow which is funny because when relatives come from Cuba they get taken to the supermarket to see all the food. My uncle kept muttering "All this is illegal in New Jersey" then he was shown my AR and now HE refers to New jersey as the People's republic of

P.S. my dad and uncle both hunt but my dad is a pretty bad shot. One time my dad missed a pheasant with both barrels at 15 yds. and the pheasant was standing on the ground perfectly still. I was laughing so hard I didn't even take a shot.

Oh my uncle also taught me gun safety and when he would take me woodchuck hunting when I was nine he would make me put my bullets in my pocket. Which I only recently learned what was Barney Fife had to do.
my late uncle taught me to shoot

He drilled firearm safety into my head too.
There are several different kinds of shooting though.
for instance my ex girlfriend is a pretty good shot once she warms up
and has no distractions but she wouldn't be able to handle a real shootout.......
my uncle taught me how to shoot hell

When I read this I pictured you outside the gates of hell taking potshots at
badguys inside:evil:
If I was your uncle, I'd be proud of you. Remember, your eyes are young and pray that you're as good as he is when you reach his age.
The greatest compliment a teacher/mentor could have is for his student to excel him.
You have paid your uncle the highest honour and compliment.


One time my dad missed a pheasant with both barrels at 15 yds. and the pheasant was standing on the ground perfectly still.

I'm sorry to say this made me laugh out loud (at work too).

I'll bet your uncle is quite happy about your abilities, as long as you didn't rag on him about his shooting. I'm sure he's proud to see how his work on you has progessed to higher levels than he could achieve.

Then again, maybe he was sandbaggin'.
My Grandfather got me started on a .22 and I've outshot him many times since then......But he can still take me with a .30-30. He can outshoot anybody (and I mean ANYBODY!!) when given a .30-30....I don't know what it is with that .30-30 of his.....but he's good to say the least.
I remember when I first outshot my grandfather, then my father. I remember it being very bittersweet. I was proud, but at the same time saddened. Two of my heroes were human.
When I first taught my future Wife to shoot, I told Her if She ever out shot me I would give Her the gun and have a trophy made.

We mostly shot at an abandoned gravel pit where some junk was dumped, making for some interesting targets.

Usually at the end of shooting we would have some kind of informal contest.
I always won but my Wife was getting better all the time.
One day the contest was a sudden death match shooting at small Christmas tree lights with a 22 rifle.

For the first time I lost and I kept my promise.

I was sure proud of Her that day.:)
+1 Cas700850 that's exactly how I felt. I'm sure with a rifle my uncle can still beat me though. I didn't rag on him at all it felt really weird. The last thing I expected was for me to come even close to outshooting my uncle I thought he was going to put all the bullets in one hole with the kimber.

HKSW I used to tell my dad when we were hunting pheasants that what he needed was a belt fed anti air shotgun mounted to my uncle's pickup.

And my uncle would tell my dad to fill both of his shotgun's barrels with cement and throw it in a river.

On another note my dad hunted with that side by side long after he had bought me an 11-87 for my fifteenth birthday. I hunted my first five years with an H&R single shot I took a lot of birds with that gun. All I did with the semi was shoot the bird two more times on its way down which would give my grandmother fits when she cleaned the birds.

My dad got an over and under not long ago and an 11-87 with the rifled barrel for biggame.

He still misses a lot.

M2 I went to the range once with my uncle and I was shooting his Winchester 30-30 with the Irons and I was drilling the target. Well that Christmas that rifle was sitting under the tree with my name on it.
My boys have been trying to outshoot me for the last 4 years. Last week they came REAL close. Within 20 points!!! Across the board Highpower, no gloves, coats( USMC shooting jackets ONLY), or other encomberments. The other shooters think we are crazy, but they don't rely on equipment they may not have at the time it could be usefull.(shf)

Livin in Texas
my dad taught me to shoot, and though i can outshoot him with pistols any day of the week, he can still take me to school at long range rifle shooting. he has the quiet, patient precision that only comes from decades of deer hunting.
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