P226 Slide Milling Service Recommendations

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Alex G

Dec 30, 2020
Hello all,

Decided to get the slide on my P226 milled for a RDS.

My particular pistol is in 357 SIG, and an optics ready slide is not offered from SIG. The dovetail mounts seem fine for 9mm, but I’m not willing to risk one shearing with the force of 357 SIG recoil, not to mention having a RDS equipped duty-pistol sized 357 SIG has been a longtime goal of mine to take advantage of its accuracy potential. So no, buying a pre-milled slide is out because it won’t work with the 357 SIG barrel.

That being said, does anyone have recommendations for good SIG gunsmiths that have a reputation for quality milling without breaking the bank? Want to hear first-hand experience before shipping it off to someone to be hacked away at haha
Had a p220 slide done by impact machine. Price was about 350 which included a green dot holosun 507.

The Sig armour is very highly regarded.
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