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PF-9 with laser

Discussion in 'Handguns: Autoloaders' started by gym, Sep 8, 2010.

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  1. gym

    gym member

    Dec 9, 2007
    I had one of these little Kel-tecs, and finally after a year and change figured it was time to see if it fired. So I threw in with my 26, and off to the range I went. Hadn't fired either one. They both worked fine, what a breath of fresh air, 200 rounds and not a hickup. I got to tell you that darn little Keltec is a nice pistol, "for what it is", I could tear it apart but it does what it's supposed to, with a little kick. I was firing 115 white box fmj and rem jhp. Not a hickup. But one thing got me nits, I could not get that darn laser lined up no matter what the heck I did.
    I was putting 2 rounds in a clip, just to see if the darn thing was hitting the target. I basically sighting the dot right at the top of the sight plane out to about 50 feet, well that went god knows where. Then I just started rolling her in till I was hitting the target, Basically gave up on the sights and just shot it at the target, "point shoot" I got home and noticed that the rear sight was over to one side, "couldn't see a thing in this place. They were working on the ceiling, "smart", while people are shooting. Anyone have a secret trick for lining the laser up, it's a armalaser, and it's solid, just useless. I am ready to just take it off because I like the gun. I may just take off the laser and get the sights lined up and keep it for what it was intended for. I was going to give it to the wife but she may hit the dog with that laser. That takes of another thing I thought I needed and didn't. That glock had no problem finding the target.
  2. 19&41

    19&41 Member

    Jun 17, 2010
    Depending on the length of your barrel, you might be able to use a arbor type laser boresighter. If the barrel is too short, another method I have used is to take my .223 laser cartridge and put a couple of wraps of tape around it to make it fit tight into the chamber. superimpose the sights dot into the boresighter's dot. If the pistol has a barrel fixed to the frame, you could sight through it and center the dot that way. You can narrow the barrel for sighting by slipping a piece of tubing into the barrel. One final way I have used was with a high power. I removed the firing pin, and replaced the retainer plate and with the slide in place and the hammer cocked, I sighted through the retainer plate and firing pin hole. That got me close enough to do minor adjustments at the range.
  3. M2 Carbine

    M2 Carbine Member

    May 29, 2003
    Lasers are easy and fast to sight in and use. I have good lasers on all my defense guns. I have a ARMA laser on a P3AT.

    If your iron sights are right on, you can just get a good sight picture on something about 20 yards away. Adjust the laser so it appears to sit on your front sight. Then just the smallest adjustment at the range will bring the laser dot and bullet holes together.
    Remember when adjusting the laser you move the dot to the bullet holes.

    No offense, but you are like many people that buy lasers and don't have a clue how to use them. Then when they aren't successful with them they blame the laser.

    First off, I suggest you call Crimson Trace and ask for their free DVD. It will give you some basic info on how a laser should be used. 800 442 2406.
  4. Glasstream15

    Glasstream15 Member

    Nov 14, 2008
    The Oldest City
    I bought a slightly usde PF9 with a CAT laser. Too much kick for the previous owner. He traded for a G26.

    The little laser works pretty well for me. Easy to adjust to pretty much dead on and takes a single, quick change, coin battery that lasts, evidently, for years. Stays adjusted when I take it off and put it back on.

    I love the little gun for carry and I like the laser. The laser stays in the drawer more than on the gun because it's mostly a daytime carry and I can't see a laser in the sun. I'm the same way with the TLR2 on my G19. I like lasers indors and at night but find them not much use in the daylight.

    JMNSHO &, of course, YMMV
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