Pictures of where you shoot.

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This is the private range I belong to in SE Mass. 100, 200, 300 yd. rifle and separate pistol. $50/yr., entirely self-regulated.




Here's the public range in my neck of the woods. Berms out to 300yds, and steel targets from 200 out to around 1300yds. There's a marker at 1 mile as well, if you can see it. :)


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I have some great spots up in the mountains to shoot, but they are at least an hour drive. I sure do envy you guys that can shoot on your own property.
out of rig(on tables) on my 40 acres(where I dont live) legal shootin area, I can do whatever the heck I want(like shoot down a fir tree with a HK91 :D

I have shown many folks how to shot out there, just me and them(one person at a time) if a much more relaxed atmospher than a range. And I have a very good system to teach newbies fast and easy and building great confidence without being scarred off at the 1st round

I do need to take the dozer out and clean the old cat trails up and make a 300yard range and other stuff, but right now I have a cleared area big enough for what I need now. It a treasure mine of brass.....I aint picked it up in years.

when I shoot out there by myself, I wear body armor....just because ya never know and the cell dont work out there.

If I ever join a local gun club and do all the huge hassle to get a license to even have any kind of firearm, I'll post some pictures of that. And I have a feeling it'll be pretty crummy compared to these AMAZING places. I am especially envied by the long range rifle ranges I see. So much fun to be had! Like that grandpa lands with an M14. Lucky man. Is it legal to shoot in public lands along power cables like that?

Montana is probably where I'd move to if I was forced to move to the US.
I went over to the local gun range Saturday with intentions of joining the club that operates it. Apparently I got a lot of bad information from the guy who is head of the club though and when I called about the issues I got a lot of static and a lot more "secret club" baloney. I don't want to join the "The Water Buffaloes" or "The Regal Order of Good Fellowship" or even "The Raccoon Lodge". I don't want to know any secret handshakes and I don't want to be blood brothers with anyone. I just wanted to shoot and get a discount from the CMP and maybe shoot in a competition or two. I guess all that's out now because I'm not much of a joiner. Shooting is something I do to get away from the crowds. I don't want to take them with me.

Wow, that's a drag! My club is just the opposite, seems like most members prefer to stay away from each other. Or maybe it's just me......:uhoh:
I cant ever get any shooting done at my local range, always someone hanging over my shoulder or asking me what the heck that thing is.

I was for years allowed to to shoot my HK 94's, UZi ect on the pistol range, someone bitched and now I cant. Use to be able to fire as fast as I could as long as I was hitting what I was aiming at(and I do)..........bitch bitch bitch, I guess I pissed off someone at the range

I shoot not to compete or socialize, I shoot for myself and to release stress on some I mostly gave up on the local range(just a few mins from me) and now drive 20min to enjoy the peice of my own personal range....I can shoot naked from the hip if I want:neener: (but gotta watch the hot brass
Towards the right-hand end of the 100 yard range.

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200 yard range is off to the left, 7/10/15/25/50 yard pistol range further to the right. Trap range way off yonder. Ten minutes from my house. About $175 a year.

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More suitable backstop(Afghanistan)

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