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possible remington 597 problem?

Discussion in 'Rifle Country' started by rove, Nov 5, 2008.

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  1. rove

    rove Member

    Sep 7, 2008
    so today i was out shooting my .22, its a remington 597. After shooting probably 13 or 14 shots, i went to shoot it again and there was a very loud bang, as if it was a larger caliber rifle(dang near made my girlfriend deaf). Against any better judgement, i continued to shoot probably another 20 or so rounds.

    What would cause such a loud bang in a .22?
    ill admit i havent cleaned it in about 800-1000 rounds, although i did clean it today after what happened.
    I bought it used from Gander Mountain and have put about 2000rnds through it already(had it for about 6weeks)
  2. GooseGestapo

    GooseGestapo Member

    Jan 6, 2003
    Cartridge case blew out at the rim.

    I've seen it infrequently. Usually ammo of questionable quality. I had a lot# of Hansen ammo imported in late '80s. (I believe it was SKG, of then E.Germany. Same a Wolf Match Target today.)
    The ammo was exceptionally accurate. However, in some Savage/Stevens single-shot rifles, it would frequently blow out, typically where the firing pin would pierce the case.

    When it did blow out, the report was loud (to the person firing, and bystanders). It would also cause some gas (smoke) to escape around the bolt face. Annoying, but not a significant issue. However, if sufficient gas escapes, it could cause the semi-auto to not cycle properly, and perhaps jam as a result. Also a good reason to always wear ear and eye protection, even if shooting a .22rf.

    I have two Rem. 597's; a LR and a WRM. Neither has had the blow-out's you described. If it happens again with a different lot#/make of ammo, it could be the firing pin. An excessive sharp or mis-shapen firing pin can cause this. Extensive dry firing a rimfire can cause a burr on the edge of the chamber where the firing pin impacts it. This too can cause slam-fires, mis-fires, and case rim blow-outs.

    If it continues, have the gun professionally inspected/repaired.

    The only issues I've had with my 597's is related to known problems with the magazines for the .22lr version. Proper lubrication/maintainance of the magazines remedies this. The .22wrm doesn't like the 50gr CCI/GoldDot ammo- sometimes fails to feed the last two cartridges.

    Both rifles are exquisitely accurate, however. (both have been glass bedded, and triggers honed to 2lb's, crisp) The .22wrm is near MOA at 100yds, the .22lr will shoot under 1/2" at 50yds with ammo it "likes".
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