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Jan 3, 2013
I've took both my boys in the past and had my eldest boy take his fist deer last year. The rush is some how elevated being the instructor rather than the student.

This 2013 youth hunt was no less an adventure. My oldest son's best friend is for lack of a better word a "city boy". Some unfortunate circumstances landed him with me for the past week and we had already planned to attend this years youth hunt. This was to his advantage as he had tagged along a few times to the rifle range with us over the years.

I took the boy with me and my son took off with my long time hunting buddy. I thought since he is a little green around guns I'd hold the shotgun untill it was go-time and I am responsable for him.

We got set up in a crossing and in about an hour 2 does were feeding across the hollow from us. He couldn't get a good shot and the does wandered away as quietly as they appeared.

Later, after taking a short break and allowing the rain to pass we decided to go back to the same location. Shortly after another doe crossed our path. I showed him again how to take the safety off and handed him the gun. He cleanly killed the deer where she stood.

I gave a short lesson in field dressing and made him do all the dirty work. Not that I had to bloody his face:rolleyes: I did!

Watching him hold a bead on that deer made my heart beat like it was my first kill.
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While I don't have kids of my own, I am a middle school teacher here in rural Maine. This time of year is great because I'm constantly having students come in to tell me about their deer hunts. They know how much I love to hunt and we share that enthusiasm. Usually they come in with pictures of their deer on their iPods or cell phones and tell me all about their hunt. It's great.

That's what I love about living and teaching in this area, the fact that I can freely discuss hunting with my students. It's just a way of life around here. A couple weeks ago, a former student came running in at the end of the day to show me a picture of her first deer ever. At 12 years old, she bagged a BIG 10-point, 220 lb buck. It was great seeing how excited she was and the pictures were priceless.

It's safe to say that the majority of my students hunt.
I'll participate here.
My daughter is 10 years old and this is the first year she's wanted to shoot one herself.
I asked her a few weeks before the youth weekend, "You aren't going to see a deer and think its pretty and not want to shoot it are you?" She replied, "What do you think I am? Some kind of yuppie girl or treehugger or something?" Hmm. Wonder where she gets that?
Anyway, I told her if she was going to kill a deer, she had to load her own ammo to kill it with, so off to the man cave we went. I prepped and primed her brass, then set up the Uniflow and scale for her. She charged each case, including trickling up to the desired weight and seated her bullets.
Funny story. She can't close one eye and we were trying to figure out how to get around that. She tried both eyes open and couldn't see through the scope. Well, she went to a birthday party with a pirate theme and it hit me. I told her to keep the eye patch and we took it to the range and it worked like a charm. So in the pics, you'll see her eye patch around her neck. lol
Anyway, we sit in the stand for about an hour and a small doe walked up not 50 yds from where we were. It stared at us for a while and just started eating corn.
I thought she was going to get nervous but she did great. The darn deer would stare at us, then go back to eating, all the while facing us. Every time it would turn broadside and she would get on it, it would face us again. After 15 minutes of filling its belly with my apple flavored corn, it finally stayed broadside long enough for her to get a shot. It was a little far back, but did the trick fine. It ran in the thicket but didn't go 30 yds total before piling up.
She was one happy camper, let me tell you.

Her loading her ammo.

Mere moments after the shot.

And it wouldn't be a memorable first kill without the war paint.
Paul, I don't see any pictures. Is my computer screwing up or did they not post?
Two years ago my oldest son and I was hunting at W.M. Bankhead N.f. and he had the chance to harvest the biggest deer I've ever seen there. It was at least an 8pointer and had a very heavy body. When I noticed the deer I wispered to Banks(my son), while pointing, "look big buck". "Where?" he replied. Well long story short.. No Deer! He was'nt wearing his contacts. He kicks himself every time he thinks of that day......BUT, after that day he has hunted harder than any boy I know.
I am taking my son and nephew out this weekend. I scored in black powder season, so I am going to focus on them for rifle season. I hope to be posting some smiles too.
a few years ago me and my 15 yr old son went on the youth hunt in our state.usually we hunt from the same stand but he was adament he wanted to hunt alone this he was very mature and well versed in gun safety and also a excellent shot i said ok.i sat on a ridge about 100 yrds from him hoping for a chance at a coyote. a doe came out and i was watching her, then a huge 9 pt buck came out. his rack was so wide and tall i remember thinking "what the hell thats a mule deer?"

finally both deer, after messing around about 75 yrds from me for a hr or so,the deer cross a fence and got where my son could see them.KABOOM!i knew it was a difficult 175 yrd shot from his stand.i tried to follow the deer in the binocs but it was hard because of the brush. i picked up some white in the grass and it looked like he nailed him.he did! perfect shot the buck didnt go 25 yrds. i have never in all my life seen a kid so excited.after sum pics he litterally ran full speed a half mile to bring the truck down to pik up the deer.even tho we had shot several deer together thats my favorite memory.

the deer was huge with a 24 in spread and 11 and 12 inch brow tines, lots of mass. he is a hooked deer hunter now. he was out to hunt tonite and we didnt see anything for the third nite in a row.he said"i dont mind not seeing any deer i just like to hunt"
I took my son, about 11 or 12 at the time dove hunting. He proved to be a pretty good shot for his 1st time out. I don't remember the exact count, but he accounted for 7-8 birds. One that I shot literally landed in his lap. He claimed it as his own. As we were preparing to leave I took his shotgun to unload it when a bird appeared from no where. I took a quick snap shot with his gun since mine was already unloaded and ready to go. He claimed that as his bird too since it was taken with his gun.

I didn't argue with him when he came home bragging to his mother that he had shot more birds than me. That seems yesterday, but it will be time to take his son in a few more years.
We have 2 fine son's. I was able to take our oldest hunting and fishing quite a bit, but by the time Travis came around I was too busy with work so I "neglected" him. After I retired I did my best to make up for lost time. I taught him how to drive my truck (stick shift) and I was with him when he killed his first buck (6 point). He killed it with a side hammer muzzleloader with a patched round ball. He was 16 and after he shot we both heard the ball hit the deer, but we never did find any blood. We looked for several hours and Travis finally said, "we're never going to find my deer". I told him we were going to look until dark. Travis found the deer and we turned him over looking for a bullet hole. The deer was broadside when he shot, but no bullet hole. Then I lifted up his tail and there was one drop of blood. When he fired the deer bolted and the round ball entered his posterior. It was a smallish buck, but heck it was his first so I had it mounted for him. I'll never forget that day. Travis went to SC this year with our oldest and shot a really nice 8 point with his Grandpaw's 35 Rem. He made a bad shot on him and they had a hard time finding it and had to finish him off with 3 more rounds (2 from a 9mm and another from the .35. The meat was no good.
Took my stepson out for his first deer hunt. He is 8 yrs old. This season opening morning he shot his first deer. .223 AR15 with 75gr Hornady BTHP handloads. Shot was 85yds quartering away, he aimed for the offside leg and she only went 65yds after the shot. Bullet entered in front of the rear leg and ended up in the hide on the offside shoulder.


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Way to go Arkansas. Everyone takes the boys out including me, but not everyone can talk the girls into it and that's what we need to survive.
This is the best QUALITY thread in a long time!

There is nothing like helping a kid, or anyone for that matter to get thier first animal!

Back in 2007, my good friend had discussed hunting with me. He couldnt find the time that year. His son was so looking forward to going, he was heart broken!
The next year I offered to take his son out hunting if he couldnt find the time.

As things turned out, my buddy was too busy with work to hunt again! So I planned to take his son out. The next morning I was to pickup my friends son. To my suprise my friend managed to wrangle a day off to go with us! Yehaw!

That mornings quarry was whitetail and moose. My friends son managed to get a youth moose liscence! Bonus!

I had been hunting in an area a fair bit that fall, and knew where there was allot of moose hanging around. It was mid september and the rut was on.

As we drove to our hunting destination we discussued where to shoot the moose if he got the chance. We had this discussion many times, but he was excited and just wanted to be sure. It was great seeing such enthusiasm and pure excitement!

We got to the area I wanted to hunt, and I pulled the truck into a clear cut and parked for the wait. It was bitterly cold, and the wind was like a knife that morning! We decided to just sit tight in the vehicle, and watch over the clear cut.

Nearly at first light, we could hear a bull grunting nearby! The young fellow was just cranked! Lol!
We could see the silouette of a moose walking along the bush toward us. As it got closer, we could see it was a cow moose, and she was just calling and bawling! She was seriously in heat! Talk about a perfect senario! This was happening less than 125 yards away!

We had to wait about 15 more minutes before legal shooting time. So we sat there trying to keep the young feller calm, a beautiful Bull walks out, and just struts slowly out into the open! Slowly tilting his rack back and forth to impress the misses moose! Lol!
Talk about an exciting start to the day!

I watched my cell phone clock in agony, untill the legal minute to shoot arrived! It was unbearable for the boy! I slowly opened the door of the truck and ushered the young fellow behind me. I popped the bipods down on my little Contender Carbine in 7-30 waters. He snuggled in behind the rifle and was getting ready to find the bull in the scope. Well, about this time the bull had reached the cow And was prepping to do what animals do this time of year! Lol! It made the young fellow laugh! Hmmm, a lesson in the birds and bees uncensored lol!

"After a mimute or so", I told him to aim behind his soulder, just below his front legs elbow. When he shot, the bulls chest just rippled and he staggered stiff legged to one side. The cow just stood there and the bull didnt do much more than stagger in a circle. I told the boy to shoot him in the same spot again. He did very well in keeping his composure! He reloaded and put another bullet into his chest! DOWN he went at the shot!

There was allot of whooping and celebration at that moment! After I made sure the bull was totally dead, I told him to get ready for some field pictures. While we took these pictures, the cow walked only 150-200 yards away and watched us. Eventually she left.

I still remember the young boys face! He was absolutely beaming from ear to ear! He said to me "I cant believe i did it"! It was a super moment for his dad and him!

I dont have the best pictures available at this moment, this is a picture "of a picture" that his dad sent me on a text. Hope you guys enjoyed the story!

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Took my oldest son hunting Sat morning. We could only hunt in the morning as he had his football awards banquet and a baseball tryout that afternoon. I was literally leaning forward to stand up and get out of the stand when my son said " There's the deer " Buck was chasing a doe and I couldn't get him to stop. He shot him trotting after the doe at 50 yards and the buck dropped right there. This was his first deer and he n top of the world.


This was the most fun I have ever had hunting.
An awsome experience isnt it!?
Congrats to your son and yourself!

Thats a pretty whitetail buck! Very well balanced antlers! A moment to remember everytime he looks at those antlers!
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