PTR 91 range report w/pics

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Wesson Smith

Dec 15, 2006
I have to apologize right off the bat for the poor quality of the pics.
A photographer, I'm not. But you should get the general idea.

First time out with the new PTR. My range session was indoors, unfortunately,
but I was pretty pleased with the results. The rifle has a new Nitrex TR One
1.5-5x32 mounted on it. My first impressions were that it's not a bad little scope
for the price, at a tad over $250. I mounted it on Leupold PRW medium rings,
which sit atop a MFI low profile base. I started zeroing with 147 gr. Czech surplus,
which the PTR seemed to like, and once I got close I switched to Federal Gold
Medal Match 168 gr. BTHP and put up the target in the second picture.
I think the scope (or maybe my shooting) needs a little tweaking,
but generally I feel it is fairly close to where I want it for a 100 yd. zero.

I really, really like the PTR. I had heard some scuttle about the perceived recoil,
but it was really not much different in feel than my FAL. I'm pretty certain that it's
a gun that sorta grows on ya each time you take it for a run. I think I'll keep it. :D


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There are more and more people who realize what a treasure the PTR is. Some examples seem to have issues with ammo choices, or with ejection, but all that I have read about will shoot about an inch at 100 with good ammo.

I am interested in your choice of optics, and the scope base. I chose the old standard Hensholdt scope for mine, and have been pleased with the clarity of the glass. I tried the MFI mount, but it shifted about laterally on my rifle enough that I had difficulty maintaining windage. Have you experienced any of this?

BTW, I hope you cleaned with a water based solvent, as I am pretty sure that Czech ammo is corrosive. Be certain you got the schmutz out of the chamber flutes.
stubbicat -

I had some initial issues with the MFI mount, as it loosened on me after the
initial tighten down. I felt kind of dumb cuz I was firing away trying to zero
with the mount sliding vertically, not laterally. I tightened it up again, and went
back to the business at hand. By the end of the session it had stayed put,
so I have my fingers crossed. If I continue to have issues with it I obviously
am going to have to come up with another solution. As for the scope, I guess
it's OK. I kind of wish I had sprung a little more for something like the Bushnell
Elite, but that's water under the bridge.

I was told the Czech stuff was non-corrosive, but I heeded your warning
anyway, and washed out the bore. I'd better find out for sure, because
I bought a damn 500 rounds of it!

Yep, it's a fine rifle in my estimation so far. I'm hoping to get it outdoors here
shortly, at 100, 200 and 300 yards, so I'll post an update when that happens.

By the way, nice shot on that doggie. :D
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