PTR-91 First impression, shooting

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Nov 24, 2012
I decided to pick up a PTR-91 recently and took it out finally. This is the standard F model. First impression was that this is a quality rifle. In fact it stacks up well against anything in my safe in terms of materials, fit, and finish. When you hold it you really appreciate how solid it is. The aluminum forearm is very well made, and has no wiggle. The rifle in this configuration has some heft. But along with that weight, you get rugged reliability and accuracy. My setup is an MFI scope mount, PRW high rings and VX2 LR Duplex scope. I only had a little time to sight in and shoot. In less than 10 rounds I was zeroed at 200 yds. I decided to use some Serbian PPU 147 gr. ammo for sighting. At 100 meters right out of the box this rifle grouped this ammo @ just under 3". I didnt have a good rest, the rifle is actually more accurate than that. Shooting prone at 200 yds, I could hit a six inch plate at will with the PPU 147 gr. I believe this rifle is a great shooter. Recoil to me was not an issue. IMAG0632_zps0edeed34.gif
Shown next to MP10, M1a
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If you want a trigger equal of a match M1a trigger, send your pack to Bill Springfield. I did and the trigger is great!

[email protected] wrote:
> I can set you up with a pull that has virtually no creep in the 4.75 area. I
> also remove all the take up slack. Price runs and return postage is
> included. Only the trigger pack is needed, personal check is fine. My address
> is:
> Bill Springfield
> 4135 Cricket Ct.
> Colorado Springs, Co 80918

I also put a port buffer on mine, the cases were only kicked 5 yards instead of 25 yards!

Overall, I think the G3 rifle is one of the great 308 battle rifles, and for what you pay, the PTR offers a lot of rifle.
Yep. My brass was getting kicked out about 25 feet and looked like somebody ran it over on a highway then pitched it in a coal fire. It showed 12 obviously adequate flutes.
The trigger is two stage with a little creep on the second stage, but good enough for me. Its not the best trigger but certainly not tge worst, and I think it might break in. Thanks for the contact info!
2nd range trip different ammo.

I thought I would share my thoughts after the second range trip with the ptr. This time shooting off a bench with mediocre rest setup, shooter and into 15-25 mile per hour head winds with some sideways gusts. The ammo I tried was PPU Match 168 grain, as well as Magtech M80. I was pretty impressed. The PTR grouped both of these loads at or just under 2moa. Best three shot group was just under 1.25 moa. The rifle ejected all the brass in a nice neat pile which was cool. The impressive thing is that this magtech ammo wont even cycle through my AR10 but the PTR cycles it, stacks the brass right with all the other brass, and shoots it very accurately. So far the rifle isnt picky at all just eats everything, and keeps chugging along. Also groups show zero vertical stringing, or first shot scattering. It was easier on the magtech brass, which only has a small dent.

I bought one a year ago, it is the model with the 1913 rail on the recvr.....I have been shooting HK rifles since the 80's....I have several HK91's,93's and have been thru the HK armorers school....the PTR91 is every bit as good of quality IMO as the original HK products.....I have shot them side by side and I always wished that the HK's had a better mntng system for optics than the "claw mnt" that they use.....the PTR solved that issue....I put a HK collapsible stock on my PTR and run it with an aimpoint T-1 or a tactical scope.... Enjoy your PTR....I have run about 5k rds thru mine during the past year, am thoroughly satisfied with mine and I would recommend them to anybody looking for a 91 clone.
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Just got back from sighting at 220 yds. Only took two three-shot groups to get centered nicely. Both groups were exactly 3.5" which translates to 1.59 moa. Ammo was PPU 168 gr. Match.
Having run the CETME thru HK thru PTR variations for years, my conclusion is that that the PTR is not only better than the factory rifles as far as fit and finish is concerned, it is the best...period.

Nice to get your feedback on the Serbian ammo; other calibers seem to be as accurate and the price is more than fair.
For casual hunting I'd take the MP. For serious I'd take the PTR. Kind of like comparing. Camaro VS a Mercedes.
I have had a PTR-91 for just over a year, and have only taken it to the range a couple times, maybe 60 rounds total. I really enjoy it and definitely plan on getting a VX-1 and the MFI mount in the future.

Here is a pic of it with an Eltro-Zeiss Z-51 (Generation 2~ ish) NV scope I owned for a few months. Teutonic chin weld and weighs nearly half of the rifle itself.View attachment 698954
Next step for me is to get a bipod on the front of mine but I am not sure how to do it. I really like mine. 1.5 moa shooter, really reliable so far.
Yep, and now that I have the 91 f I keep wanting a lighter one just for a KISS rifle.
I have had mine for about 12 years now. I don't shoot it much anymore, but I thought I might share some of the modifications and accessories I found useful.

The Bill Springfield trigger was the first, and in my view, most important modification. Worth every penny.

Next was a port buffer. If you hand load you need one of these.

I experimented with stocks, and recoil buffers, and settled on a standard "heavy" buffer in a Magpul stock, and a modified heavy buffer from RTG parts, that appears to be a standard buffer with a longer center post protruding from the front. This on a standard PTR mid stock with a rubber buttpad has lengthened the LOP a little, and made it more comfortable to shoot.

Since initially I was using the rifle in 3 gun, I installed a 2 port muzzle brake. Really keeps the muzzle on target. I put the "wide" fore end on it, with the collapsible bipod, and this has proven a worthwhile addition.

Accessories I have found useful include the Feroz4 scope and illuminator, and the Fero Z night vision.

The 22 long rifle adaptor kit has been a lot of fun, though finicky about the ammo it will reliably cycle.

It is an accurate and versatile rifle, and I have no complaints, other than shrinking bolt gap. I am now on +4 rollers, and it has stabilized at this point.
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Next step for me is to get a bipod on the front of mine but I am not sure how to do it.

If you want to use the issue bipod, you have to get the wide forend. It has a channel on the front for the bipod. The bipod clips into that channel and swivels from side to side, and folds backward into the grooves on the forend. (Note: some imported wide forends had the bipod mounting provision milled off, for whatever reason. Make sure it has an intact channel.)
I had a PTR and I liked it quite a bit. I had the Bill Springfield trigger job done and that was the best $50 that could be spent on it.

I never got sub 2 MOA accuracy though. To be fair I was using PPU 175gr match and some South African 7.62 surplus. I did not spend enough time finding a good load and that is probably the culprit. I think it would have preferred a lighter pill.
The impressive thing is that this magtech ammo wont even cycle through my AR10 but the PTR cycles it, stacks the brass right with all the other brass, and shoots it very accurately.

The Magtech gave my PTR91F major fits. Consider yourself fortunate! LOL... It's the only problem I've ever had with the thing. LOVE it.
If you handload, I have found stellar accuracy with the Hornady Amax 155 grain bullet and H4895. It seems this Amax is pretty forgiving of seating depth, or perhaps the rifle is only capable of 1" group at 100 yards.

If you have the aluminum fore end with provision for the rails, you can mount a short length of pic rail near the end of the hand guard and find oodles of suitable bipods for that mounting.

I recall that the M1a is capable of 1.5" groups at 100m as is the PTR. The PTR might do better with reloads. The MP10 slightly bests them both.
Does the PTR beat up the brass?
Oh yes! Some of my cases get folded in half at the mouth and all of them suffer from the fluted chamber. I was told to expect 2-3 reloads max out of the PTR and it is living up that advice well!
Yes it beats up the brass but its not an issue since it lands in the next county anyway. I had no idea that the firing and extraction process could be so violent.
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