Recent new production Ruger SFARs- opinions?


Jun 20, 2013
Big Sky Country
I'd read that the early samples of Ruger's SFAR has some teething issues, perhaps rumor, perhaps well founded. If anyone has a recent one, how do you like it? Has it been reliable with a wide range of ammo? How is the accuracy? I don't have a huge need for one but I have been experiencing an itch to try one. What do you folks say?
I've shot a couple of the newer ones and from what I've seen, they can be reliable with the right ammunition. The research I've done has led me to believe that most of the troubles are due to the limited adjustability of the gas system. My research has also led me to believe that reliability can be had with a broader range of ammunition by replacing the gas block. To me, this seems a small and easily remedied issue.

As for accuracy, I'd say it's on the better side of what you'd expect from a battle rifle. 1.5 to 2 MOA. I'm sure that someone out there can do better with a home brewed round and better skill. I don't spend much time loading any more and I can't shoot an AR platform for precision to save my life.

I definitely see having one in my future.
I bought one about a week ago. One range trip, less than 50 rounds, so it's too early for much of an opinion. Mine is 308 with the 20" barrel. The owner's manual said start with the gas adjustment on #1 and use the minimum setting that was reliable. My 1st shot didn't fully eject. Changed the setting to #2 and it didn't have a single issue the rest of the day. I shot up a box of Winchester 180 gr factory loads and an assortment of my handloads with 150 and 165 gr loads.

To be honest I was just shooting up a few odds and ends and never tried it with my most accurate loads. I stuck a 1-4X scope on it for the 1st range trip. Group size hovered around 1.5" overall.

I was torn between the 16" and 20" version, but the decision was made easier since the only one I found locally had a 20" barrel. I'm going to remove the muzzle brake and replace it with a thread protector. This will split the difference in overall length and weight compared to the 16" gun with the brake on it. IMO this will make it about perfect. That is a big honking brake that adds 1/4 lb and 1 1/2" of overall length. Scoped it is going to be 8 1/2 lbs without the brake. I don't need a brake on an 8 1/2 lb 308. I've owned sub 6 lb bolt action 308's in the past and recoil isn't an issue.

I had to order the thread protector and it will be in Friday. I've swapped the scope to a 3-9X and will get back to the range ASAP with better ammo and see what kind of accuracy it's capable of.