Remington 700 ADL

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Jun 30, 2007
I have a opportunity to buy a Remington 700 ADL in .270 with a Leupold scope. This is the Wally-World special gun and scope. It has been priced to me at a very fair price. But, I am a Ruger man, and have only owned a couple Remingtons. (Not to mention I have never been a fan of anything under .30 caliber for deer.) My question is what is the difference between the ADL and the BDL Model 700s? I went to the Remington site and from what I gather Remington no longer makes the ADL. Are the Wally-World Remington guns worth buying?
adl is a blind mag, matte finish gun - probably w/ the j-lock, and probably w/ a heavy, flexible synthetic stock.

new bdl's don't have the j-lock, have either a detacheable mag or hinged floor plate, and are usually a gloss finish. bdl's are available in stainless or blue, wood or synthetic stocks.

for the most part, the differences are cosmetic.
The ADL has the blind magazine while the BDL has the hinged magazine floorplate, and typically the BDL has a nicer finish than the ADL. I have an ADL in .270win and I can assure you it is very effective on whitetails with 140gn btsp from hornady.


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I have two adl's that will both shoot sub-MOA (I know, who in the internet doesn't, but that is Scout's Honor.) Of course I handload. Factory ammo shoots as good as any other rifle that I have.

One is a .243 and the other is 30-06.
I bought my ADL .270 from WalMart also, it was amazingly cheap... and it has proved to be an outstandingly accurate gun. It has the blind magazine, a surprisingly sturdy synthetic stock, the rather useless J-lock on the bolt shroud.

You are right that ADLs are no longer made - they were replaced, I believe, by the SPS line.

But for "a very fair price" I would jump all over this deal, especially with the Leupold scope!
Thanks guys. Now, someone explain to me what the J-lock is. I have never heard this term.
its the lock on the shroud of the bolt. looks sorta like a wart (integrated safety system or some such nonsense). the good news, the shroud is easily replaced/retrofitted w/ something that doesn't have it - all of my j-lock era remingtons have been retrofitted to get rid of the lock, but only because i don't care for the cosmetics, and not because it hinders the rifle's ability to shoot well and reliably.
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