Remington ADL or Savage 110

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Dec 12, 2013
I have a vintage ADL made in 1983. Beautiful wood. It is a 270 , and I have a super nice 110 in 30-06 from 1991. All you rifle folks out there. Taking caliber out of the equation, which make would you rather have? I am hard pressed to pick one over the other.
Why pick one keep them both. The little bit of money you would get for either would be gone in a week or two and you would be ut one rifle
I'd rather have the Savage, but the older Remingtons aren't bad guns by any means.
I can't deal with long action Savages. If both were short action it'd be a tie, but in this case Remington.

In 1925 the 270 and 30-06 were loaded very differently. In 2013 they are as close to a tie as you can get.
I'd like to have an '83 Remington ADL but in the end I would be happy with either. Preferably the most accurate one of the two.
being I own several Savages becasue right out of the box they do seem a bit more accurate I will give up a little of the smoothness of the action so for me I'd go savage but I will gladly take either one off your hands for you pm for my address ;)
Out of the two you do have a preference as to which one is more accurate, which one fits you best and more fun to shoot, so pick that one. You're the one shooting both rifles, we can't make that decision for you.
Ditto for the Savage.

It really doesn't matter. Pick the caliber you like. Of course, you could keep the Savage and change the caliber down the road yourself at home with just vice and wrench (I did, went from 30-06 to 270), something that cannot be done with the Remington.

I prefer the safety location on the Savage as it it more efficient for my thumb to activate.
Having owned both, I prefer the Remington. Mostly for aesthetics, but I've also had better reliability from the Remingtons (Savage sometimes has issues with weak ejection of spent casings). I use them for hunting rifles, so I haven't compared them side by side at the bench. Both have been more than accurate enough to accomplish any task that I'd ask from them.
You can modify the Remington with many aftermarket parts if you want.
You are also going to pay someone to install those aftermarket parts.

I like Savage because Savages are for DIY. Since it requires minimum tools to rebarrel/swap calibers.

I don't like Savage's warranty/CS, but thankfully you can get the parts without going through Savage.
For me accuracy trumps everything else being equal. If accuracy were the same I would go Remington. If it was a new ADL I would go Savage.
IF everything else is equal, I can do more with an 83' 700 trigger than I can with a 91' 110 trigger. OTOH, I've been in love with Savage bbls for a while now.
Remington. It is a solid timeless Classic. I had a Savage about that year that broke the first shot it fired with factory ammo. Some problem with the bolt head. Modern Savage might be great and all that but to me they are a off brand.
One could say Savage as it is an older timeless classic than Remington. They don't break any more than a Remington, which is to say they don't break. Were they second rate, they would not be dominating the design market (even Remington copies them, following Savage like a happy, green puppy). The funny thing is, the OP already owns both rifles. I would think he knows what he has and the quality of each rifle. We already know the ADL Remington has beautiful wood and the 110 he owns is super nice. And, by now, they both have established their reliability and quality. If one didn't like the adjustment of the 91 trigger on a Savage - which can be adjusted - then drop a quality Timney in and be done with it.

Since there really isn't a significant difference in design between them - and no, there isn't - go with cartridge you like best.
Remington, because the action gives more protection. High pressure may blow the Savage extractor out of the bolt during a case head separation.
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Savage because it keeps the plasma-like gasses from burning your eyes out in the event of a case failure - don't forget the Savage has the baffles that the Remington lacks.

One could easily tit-for-tat with the actions. Go with the caliber you prefer.


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