Remington Gun Club shells

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Dec 24, 2009
Fletcher, NC
Found them on sale at Dick's, $4.88 for 20. 12 ga, 2 3/4in, 7/8oz.#8 shot. On the back of the box, it states that the shot is "hardened". Is this lead, steel, or something else. Ultimately, are these shells safe for use in my 1960 model 37? If not pure lead, then I don't wish to use them at all.
Dick's in Newnan Ga has GUN CLUBS in 20 and 25 count boxes. As well as game loads.

And yes they are safe for your old 37. They just have more annomone <spelling ?> in the lead to make the shot harder. They are still lead, just harder lead. Perfectly safe for your gun.

I have an old Ithaca 37, parkarized riot gun, 8 shot with cyc bore barrel. It is one smooth old shotgun.
Negative, 1oz. clearly marked as "Gun Club" in qty 20 per box. I had to look three times, just to be sure. Available in 1 1/8, 1 oz , and 7/8 oz in 12 ga, 2 3/4, all #8s. I figured they were still lead, not steelies, but I just wanted to double check with you guys. I'm pretty picky about what I feed "Ethel".
Must be something new for Dick's, as I buy my GC at Dick's and haven't seen the 20 round boxes - that's gonna screw up someone shooting trap and skeet

They just have more annomone <spelling ?> in the lead to make the shot harder

The word you want is antimony, an element used to make the shot harder. Shot typically comes in 3 basic modes - 0-1%, 2-4%, and 5-6%. The higher the percentage, the more is in there. When I lived out West, I was able to get Western NV/West Coast shot from the tower - that was 6% and seemed to pattern well in my particular gun.
The 20 round boxes are probably an attempt by Big Green to keep cost per box down.

Undoubtedly, but if someone is going to be shooting a clay target game, they're for the most part based on a round of 25 targets. Might be time to start buying the Kemen's from a local distributor - great ammo and better priced.
Remington 4 pack

Buy the Remington 4 pack at Walmart for $20.97. $5.25 per box, 25 shells per box. Most people don't realize they are only getting 20 shells.
Walmarts in my area are phasing out Remington shotgun shells of all varieties. It's all going to Winchester and Federal. Kind of odd. I was told that the Winchester and Federal is going to be cheaper(which it is, for 00 buck and slugs) and more readily available for stocking. Have never seen a "4 pack", unless you mean the 100 round box of 7 1/2s. In which case that is $24.00 here. But at $4.88 for 20 at Dick's, that's still about 20 bucks on the 100 for Gun Clubs.
Was just at the Dick's here in my town - they didn't have those 20 round boxes of GC, they did have the game loads.

While the price may be the same as the wally world federals, the GC's are a MUCH better hull to reload - just use the same recipe as the STS hulls. They crimp nice and I'm getting at least 5-6 before I pitch them
Buy the Remington 4 pack at Walmart for $20.97. $5.25 per box, 25 shells per box.
I was pleased to note that WallyWorld had recently dropped the Remington SportLoad 100rd pack price by two bucks a box. They shoot well, and (as 1oz pointed out) the hulls reload better than any other promo hull.
FYI, I picked up a case of Gun Clubs in 20 gauge from the aptly named "Dick's" last Sunday. 25 rounds per box, $52.79 out the door.

They also had Game Loads in 20 round boxes for $4.88 a box.

Thanks reckless carolinian....After seeing this thread, I went to Dicks and bought 10 boxes of 12 gauge (25/box) Gun Club 1oz. loads for 4.88 per box. On top of that, they honored a coupon I had for $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. In the past, they had not accepted these coupons for ammo, but this time it worked. In all, the 10 boxes cost me less than $43 total out the door.
I might go back for more...
Target shells with be 25 to a box. All clays games are 25 targets so not even Remington would be dumb enough to sell boxes of 20. The ones you see that are 20 to a box are field loads.
No, Makster, these are Gun Club in qty 20 per box. My eyesight isn't THAT bad(yet). I know. It runs counter to any sort of logic. I saw what I saw, and apparently, I'm not the only one. To use your words, Remington IS that dumb.
I went to Dick's yesterday and the sale price on the gun club shells was $7.99 a box. How are you guy's finding them so cheap? Is it because I live just south of Cook co IL? Anyone in Illinois find them this cheap? I did buy a 100 round box of Remington game loads at Wal-Mart for just over $20.
XX78 - In MY area, Dick's puts the GC's on sale about every 3 weeks or so.....right now they aren't on sale, but I suspect as dove season gets closer, they'll be having a sale soon
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