Ruger SR9 range report

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Nov 21, 2008
Racine, WI
I finally had a chance to get out and shoot my new Ruger SR9 and I took my Glock 23 along as well since that was the gun I am used to shooting.

Ruger puts more oil / packing grease / Cosmoline on their guns than any company with the exception of Beretta! Knowing this, I didn’t have time to do a full strip and clean on the SR9 so I wiped it down, headed to the range, and started loading magazines.

The fist time that I tried to load the 17 round mags took some serious elbow grease. It was almost like the follower was binding up as I added rounds. I ended up using the loading tool and a wall to get the job done. I changed the backstrap to the flat “setting” as it seemed to fit my hand a bit better and got ready to shoot.

The trigger wasn’t great but I knew this going in; as I said, I hadn’t cleaned the gun so I had no illusions about how it would perform. However, it went bang and I never had single FTF or any other issues the entire time.

I put 150 rounds through the SR9 and another 50 through the Glock and they’re similar yet very different. The first thing I noticed is that the trigger on the Glock is “heavy” but there is zero creep. The trigger on the Ruger has more creep / slop and I ended up “pulling” the gun to the left on the first shot every time I shot the Ruger immediately following the Glock.

The sights on the Ruger were nice, not fantastic, but not bad. I would love to see XS come out with a set of Big Dot’s for the SR9 but I can live with what’s on there for now.

One thing I was curious about was the placement of the safety on the Ruger. Several podcasts / bloggers / online authors have mentioned that they didn’t care for the placement and that it was too far back. I must be odd but I never had and issue with it. I was able to wipe it off then put it back on with zero trouble….. But that might just be me; my shooting style isn't “text book” so I wouldn’t know right from wrong…….

Overall the SR9 was easy to shoot, very comfy, and ultra reliable (especially when you consider it was oozing oil and packing grease the entire time I was at the range). I picked up the SR9 because I wanted a gun that was fun to shoot, cheaper to shoot than my .40, and something I could use as a backup in case my Glock ever broke. I think the SR9 will meet all of those needs and I’m very pleased with the gun overall.

Now, if I can find a smith to give the gun a trigger job I’m all set……….
The trigger on the Ruger has more creep / slop and I ended up “pulling” the gun to the left on the first shot...
I wondered about that after seeing a picture of an SR9 in a gun magazine review article. The reviewer had stuck on a makeshift trigger overtravel stop and left it in place for the picture...
Thank you for posting a great report.

I was lucky enough to be given an SR9 for Christmas but I haven't had a chance to get it to the range yet. I'm very hopeful that this gun will be accurate and reliable as I plan on putting it into my carry rotation with the P-01 and PF-9.

If you haven't looked into holsters yet I think you'll be pleasantly surprised at what's available out there. I have a Bluegrass Holsters Mason-Dixon on order for mine. I think it'll make a nice carry piece considering the width and 17+1 capacity.

Thanks again for posting, I'll do the same when I get mine out to the range.

My post recall SR9 has almost Zero overtravel.... The trigger breaks and there is no further movement, it also has a pretty short reset
The review & photo I referred to was of a pre-recall SR9. Sounds like going to the Glock style trigger may have been an improvement in more ways than one.
I have not shot the pre-recall SR9 but all i have read from people who have indicates the triggers are completely different pre and post recall.
Keep shooting your SR9 and you'll find that the trigger gets quite a bit better. Not great, but better. A friend gave his wife a Sig 250 for Christmas. She pretty much bleeds Sigs and I don't believe she likes anything else. I shot her new 250 and she shot my SR9. Her comment was "I'd like to have that trigger on my Sig". The Sig had a lighter pull but the travel was about 6 miles long.
I gave it a pretty good strip and clean last night and I'll keep taking it to the range.... I have no doubt that it will improve over time.
The new trigger completely transformed my SR9. It has near zero creep, a VERY crisp release with no over-travel, and scarcely little flip for fast follow-up shots. I also have a Glock 23 that I bought in 1993 and have fired many 1000's of times, but my post-recall SR9 has now replaced it as my favorite defense pistol. Removing the magazine safety makes the SR9 safe to dry fire and improves the trigger feel a lot- an easy mod. Too bad the loaded chamber indicator isn't so easy, as I believe that this lawyer feature is the reason the sights are so tall. I'd like to mod it that so it doesn't stick up so far and then install some low-profile night sights.
I keep looking at other guns--thinking I might something newer, cooler, smaller or nicer than my Ruger SR9. Then I look at the targets I've shot with the SR9, and smile. So far, I shoot the Ruger better than anything else I own.
Ruger SR9 is Most Accurate in Human Hands

I keep looking at other guns--thinking I might something newer, cooler, smaller or nicer than my Ruger SR9. Then I look at the targets I've shot with the SR9, and smile. So far, I shoot the Ruger better than anything else I own.
I love my post recall SR9. It's accurate, and fun to use. One of my favorite range guns. If I could find a good holster for it, I would put in my carry rotation.
Check out the latest issue of Gun Tests. The SR9 edged out the Sig 250 and the M&P9c. Even after getting dinged for the gritty trigger out of the box. Shoot a couple hundred through it and the gritty goes away.
I got all three of my sons a Ruger SR9 for Christmas and, so far, it looks like I bought 'em the right gun.

Easy to clean, easy and fun to shoot, slim and light, nice ergonomic grip, and no mechanical problems whatsoever. Also, they are cheaper than comparable Glocks, S&Ws, Barettas, Springfields, etc.

These are my kids first handguns and all three of my boys are already very accurate with them. So what's not to like?

Also, since it's their first handgun I like the fact that it has an external safety. And one of my kids is a lefty, so the fact that the safety and mag releases are on both sides of the gun is yet another added plus.

Count me in as a HUGE fan of the Ruger SR9.
Love mine to. It's a sweet pistol; if you've shot one you know it. Let the dingdongs bash the recalls all they want. I'd rather buy a product from an AMERICAN company that wants to fix its problems than from a foreign company or a company that doesn't think it has any promblems. I live in Ohio. Ruger payed to have my pre-recall SR9 picked up, shipped out to Arizona, fixed, and shipped back in 4 business days. Then they gave me an extra 17 round magazine and a nice hat for the trouble.

I've got the blackened stainless version, and bought it almost a year ago for $419.
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