SR9, SR9c and LC9 *report*

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Oct 2, 2006
Brownsville thru El Paso
***Range report update:

I took all 3 new Rugers to the range today with 800 rounds of ammo. I had 300 rounds of Federal Champion and 300 rounds of WWB 9mm fmj and 100 rounds of Federal HST +p 124 grn JHP and 100 rounds of Winchester 147 grn SXT.

First, let me give you my take on the SR9, SR9c and the LC9.

The SR9 and SR9c both had a few tool marks or rough edges inside the gun. I really noticed this when I removed the striker and cleaned the mag disconnect. Both had rough edges on the mag disconnect. I felt a noticable difference in the triggers having the disconnect removed.

The striker unit is a little rough IMO too. Now for the good news. The triggers with these rough internals were still good. I notice that the SR9 and 9c both have a crisp "SNAP" at the end of the trigger stroke. This differs from the Glock in that the Glock has more of a "SPRONG" feel to it.

The SR9 and SR9c both fit the hand very well. The SR9 full size is a dream. I would rank the feel of this polyframed-striker fired gun on par with a 1911 with a beavertail. I did notice a difference switching the back strap to the flat option vs the curved option.

Let me take a moment to comment on the ease of working on both the SR9 and the SR9c. Unbeliveably easy to work on guns. I am looking forward to Galloway Precision parts to replace a few of the internals. But I must say the SR9 is very good as is out of the box. After a few hundred rounds through both guns, the action was even smoother.

The fit an finish on the outside of the guns were all very good to excellent. For a mass produced $400 gun? These are really suprising. I can not imagine Glock being able to compete with the way the guns feel in your hand.

CCW? I have been a CCW holder for years. I teach (part-time) two handgun classes; Introduction to handguns and Advance fighting tactics. I have carried every Glock, Sig, HK, known to mankind. I am here to tell you the SR9 is an easier gun to carry than a G19/23/32 sze gun. The thinner profile is so easy to hide. And, I was using a Don Hume JIT made for a G30/29. I am sure once I get my Don Hume H721 OT that the SR9 will hide even better.

The SR9c is of course even easier to hide. I used 3 different mag sizes for the SR9c. The 10 rnd mag with and without the finger extension, and third the 17 round mag with the adapter. The SR9c is between a G19 and G26 size gun but, hides easier due to the flatter profile. Pocket carry of the SR9c was not an issue with the flat bottom 10 round mag in place.

The LC9 was a dream come true for CCW. I carried this gun everyday in the pocket and forgot it was there at times. Even when I entered an establishement that did not allow CCW I almost forgot I had it on me and had to return to the vehicle to lock it up.

The fit and finish of the LC9 was better than the SR9 and SR9c. The internals were cleaner and more refined. The DAO trigger took time to get use to and the mag disconnect is a little more complicated to remove. Excellent Youtube videos to help you with this process. The LC9 is obviously a little more challenging to work on but, it is so easy to hide.

I fired about 100 rounds through the LC9. Excellent. Here is my target standing @ 7yrds, two handed hold, unsupported. This is with cheap practice ammo (Federal Champion). It did even better with the 147 grn SXTs but, I did not snap a photo.


The top flyer was called. It was only my 3rd magazine through the gun. I normally never shoot for accuracy like this anymore. I own 9mm semi auto striker fired guns to fight with and NOT to bench rest. I almost never shoot handguns with using the traditional 3 dot alignment and slowly squeeze the trigger with an exhale of breath and a suprise at the end. I train to fight and train others to fight. So, I tend to shoot at close distances (25 yrds and less) and point shoot, hip shoot, weak hand shooting is always half of my range time, and mostly one handed shooting at targets that are moving or I am moving.

So, I do not have much of a report for you bench shooters other than to say, I sighted the SR9 and SR9c in at 12 yrds. I did need to click the SR9 rear sight down a tad as it started off shooting low but centered. 3-4 clicks and I was spot on. So let the fighting/shooting begin.

I did not experience ANY malfunctions of any kind to include no light strikes etc... All 3 guns ran 100% flawlessly. Now, the bad news. I am not very good at keeping my guns clean. I still have not cleaned off the Ruger grease gunk from the gun. I literally took these 3 Rugers out to the range "out-of-the-box". I will do a detailed clean sometime soon to include the strikers and trigger groups.

The SR9 was fed about 400 rounds and was the best shooting and feeling gun I have shot in a while. I can not believe this is a $400 striker fired gun. I can not imagine how much nicer it would be shoot with the Galloway Precision parts inside. I am a very experienced Handgun shooter. I have not been much of a Ruger fan for a few years now. But, I have been converted. Just WOW! The SR9 fullsize will NOT leave my collection...ever!

The SR9c was fantastic in its own right. The shorter barrel does give it some rise. I found the SR9c shot better depending on the magazine I used. I fired about 300 rnds through the gun. If I used the flat bottom 10 rnd mag it was good. If I used the 10 rnd finger rest mag it was better and, if I used the 17 rnd mag with adapter it was even better. The adaptor did help me stay on target better than the SR9 fullsize mags without the adaptor. Not much better but still noticable better.

Both the SR9 and the SR9c were easy to tear the center of a target out of during rapid fire drills. Both guns are truely excellent in terms of accuracy and controlability. I CAN NOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT THE WAY A GUN FITS YOUR HAND AS A MEASURE OF YOUR ABILITY TO MASTER THE GUN HAS BEEN PROVEN TO ME USING THESE SR9s. I can point shoot Glocks very well and even great at times. But, the SR9 and SR9c were easier to shoot well and I shot better with the SR9s than I have with the Glocks. The ragged holes were much more cenetered than with the Glocks.

I wish I had something negative to say except the internals being a little rough. The safety was super easy to disengage and was very natural for me to hit it as I raised the gun from holster position. I shot both left and right handed and the controls were easy to hit with either thumb.

The mag release was very easy to hit with the thumb or the trigger finger.

I was suprised to find that I really liked the chamber loaded indicator. Being one of those "who needs it" kind of guys, I see beginners enter the firearms world every month and this would really help those inexperienced shooters that refuse to start with a revolver.

OH! Wait. I did find one thing that was almost impossible to work...the slide release was so tight you could not move it on any of the 3 guns. I never use this option and always sling shot or holster rack the slide. So I did not notice it until a friend was using the SR9 and SR9c to try out and he is use to hitting the slide release. I found it to be a non-issue for me but, I did want to report it here.

The SR9 and SR9c are excellent firearms. This is coming from a bit of a gun snob that is used to Glocks, Sigs, M&Ps, Berettas, CZs and HKs. I found the triggers and accuracy to be much better than expected. I have to say that I recommend both of these highly.

The LC9 is a specialty pistol, with it's sole purpose to be to get you out of a sticky situation. I highly recommend the LC9 for it's intended purpose. It was much more accurate than I expected a little gun to be and right now it is flawless.

I have to give it up to Ruger. Well done Ruger...Very well done on all three of these firearms.
I like my SR9C and LC9.
The LC9 has fired over 1,500 trouble free rounds. I gave up counting when I got to about 600 through the SR9C.

I pocket carry the LC9.
I have an SR9 and really like it too.

As for pocket carry you both must have huge pockets because I find that even my PM9 rather bulky in the pocket and it is smaller than all three Rugers.
the slide release was so tight you could not move it on any of the 3 guns. I never use this option and always sling shot or holster rack the slide.

"Holster rack the slide"? What does that mean?

Nice report. I would consider one of these instead of a Glock in the future.
Grip gun normally. Place rear site on top of holster. Push.

FWIW, the SR9 is the most accurate semi-auto pistol I have shot in recent memory. Perhaps ever.

The grip is too thin in my hand, but otherwise feels nice. I am defeinitely going to check out the SR9c and LC9 as soon as I get a chance.
As kludge stated, holster rack by catching the rear sight on the holster. This is done to simulate one handed fighting drills where the other hand has been incapcitated.
I aso have the SR9 and find it to be a fine gun..

in every respect. I paid $419 and consider it to be a real bargain. I like the grip much better than the Glock and have been thinking about getting the SR9c for a CCW.
Had an opportunity last night to shoot a SR9c, and LC9 at my local range. My experiences seem to more or less mirror the O.P.'s

Being a revolver guy, I'm quite familiar with long trigger pulls but found the LC9 to overly long. Nice compact little pistol. Super thin. Well made for the money, and grouped well off hand at 7 yards even though it was tricky to figure out when the trigger was going to break. Recoil was what I would consider modest considering the caliber and light weight of the gun. Was expecting quite a bit more kick. Very tame little critter IMO, and not unpleasant at all.

The SR9c.... First off let me say I've never been a big fan of poly striker fired guns. I've shot some M&P's that were o.k. Never really warmed up to Glocks, but the SR9c WOW'ed me!
Trigger felt very good (not spongy) for a striker fired gun, and the thing was an absolute tack driver for an out of the box gun. I manged to shoot the SR9c as well as I've ever shot anything. I was more than impressed with this pistol... and that's coming from an "old school" revolver guy.
I'd say it was great even if it was $150 or $200 more expensive.
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