S&W M&P 45acp here soon

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If it's anything like the other M&Ps it should be a nice gun. The only thing that I'm bothered by is the ammo capacity of 10+1.

All the competition has a greater capacity:
Glock 21 = 13+1
Springfield XP = 13+1
Taurus 24/7 Pro = 12+1
The ones I looked at felt very good in my hands. Also the version with the flat dark earth frame has a thumb safety available. It was as easy to manipulate as a 1911 safety.
I believe they kept the capacity at ten to make the gun more ergonomic. You really have to feel one to appreciate it.
I can't tell much of a difference between the M&P 45 and M&P9/40 grip wise. They kept the capacity at 10 to keep the grip thin without being overly long. They will offer a 14 round extended magazine in the future I believe.
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