S&W M&P rebates

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Feb 19, 2004
Just saw on Smith & Wessons website that they are rebating $50 or giving you 2 free magazines with the purchase of an M&P pistol, not bad!
Yes, and I've strategically placed that ad on my wife's dresser for the past several days, just in case she's looking for a birthday present for me. It would sure beat a carrying case for my laptop.
a couple summers back they had one where if you bought a s&w ar15 you could get a sigma pistol for 99 dollars more
I think an M&P 9mm full size with drop free safety and thumb safety might be in my future. I'll take the $50 off as they come with 3 magazines to begin with.
The M&P 9c has been on my list for a while, this just bumped it up a few places to take advantage of the offer. Now to decide if I want the money or the mags...

How many mags does an M&P come with?
Doesn't mean I will get rid of my Glock 19, but the M&P does shoot nice. I've shot my brothers M&P .40 and it points more like a 1911 (a plus in my book), recoils like a 9mm, and is overall fun to shoot.

Now, do I get the regular size M&P 9 or one of the M&P 9L's. We don't have concealed carry here in WI, so this would be a range and house gun. Nothing better than a $400 gun!
I just bought one Saturday!

For $499.99 + tax I got a S&W M&P .40 Compact. It has the thumb safety and came with 2 mags.

I went for the 2 extra mags since the price was right on the initial purchase.

Clinton & Wesson upped the prices of the M&P's on the same day they
started the rebates. The M&P 9MM went from $499 to $579 at Academy!
They have alot of MIM in them, buy a Glock.
Well, just got back from the M&P store, and ordered an M&P 9 w/thumb safety. Just couldn't resist the price with the $50 rebate! Hopefully it comes in in the next few weeks. I hate when marketing ploys work!
I don't know about this being a new rebate. I bought a S&W M&P 40 2 years ago and they had the same rebate offer. I don't ever remember it going away.

They did go away for a time it has been almost a year IIRC. Sometimes they alternate the inducement but it has always been two mags or $50.
They haven't done this in a year as my brother bough his M&P 40 last year this time, and by the time I decided to pull the trigger on one myself last year the offer was over. I've been looking for a deal on the M&P's since then, and this is the first time since last year they've offered a rebate. Had to get one this time!
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