S&W Model 28 sent back for repair

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Glad the problem is solved. It sounds like it might have been a cylinder cut at an angle. It doesn't take much and usually a gauge is needed to be sure of the problem, but if the front of the cylinder is not square (not an unknown problem) the cylinder will bind when the longer side comes up on the barrel. The problem will become worse as the cylinder heats up, which is why you could get a certain number of rounds without a problem. That problem is not common, but is easy to diagnose and easy (with a good lathe) to correct. Sometimes, you can get away with just shaving the barrel end a bit if that doesn't create too much b/c gap.

I'm betting it was the yoke that was the problem. It was bulged unevenly after the last attempted repair. I haven't had it apart to look at it yet but I bet a nickel that it's straight now. Shot it again last night with 296 loads. Fun. Got to load some more and shoot some more.

Any tips for working with black on black sights? I've gotten used to fiber-optic or I-dot sights.

I noticed you do not have the S&W symbol on the right side of the revolver
If you were addressing me... what is your point, sir?
You can have a white outline rear blade & a red/orange front ramp insert installed.
My custom 28 has fiber-optics, but if it didn't I would have gone the white/orange route on it.
I can't do well with black on black in the field anymore.
Any tips for working with black on black sights? I've gotten used to fiber-optic or I-dot sights.

Bright orange fingernail polish on the front sight helps tremendously. A white base coat is reputed to help the orange be brighter, I don't know for certain but have been doing that and the orange is very bright.

What a treasure!

A gift from your father=priceless.

I treasure everything given to me by my father-I am sure you do as well.
auto touch-up paint. i have a single six with a white outlined rear sight and a fluorescent pink front sight that i can see in any kind of light. walmart has most any color you need.

A S&W logo on the "side plate isn't unusual at all. I just checked my 1964 model 28 and it also has the logo on the side plate. I have several other Smiths that also have the logo on the side plate. I may be wrong but, I believe that the logo was moved to the left side to keep the side plates clear for engraving.
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