Sam Brown Belt, 1911 'Transition model' question

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    Nov 12, 2006
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    A Old buddy of mine (And I do mean old) from my renacting days asked me to see if I could find someone that could get him some more information.

    He has one of the 'Transition model' 1911's. (The ones between the wars, which have the characteristics of the 1911 AND the 1911A1... I know only ~ 10,000 were made.

    He also has the 1924 dated Sam Brown belt, Holster, Hanger, and mag pouch.
    On the belt are:
    JEFF 1924
    HEK (Which are the inspector's initials)

    -Apparently not alot of belts were made during this time period due to WW1 leftovers. Anybody have any sources of further information? Numbers?

    Also, it was originally brown, but at some point was blackened. What Year did the Army do the switch?

    The gun/gear was only issued to one individual (Who's widow he got it from)
    P.S. Roper, who was in the Coastal Artillary Command.
    (I can get more info if needed)
    I have seen, and gently touched the gun. I believe I can say that there can not a better transition model out there.

    Any info/Place I can get further info would be appriciated.

    (He's not exactly looking to sell, but his kids don't care and due to poor health he's considering starting to sell his collection. He wants to insure they will be taken care of.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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