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May 15, 2012
Puget Sound Convergence Zone
Anyone have or have shot a SCCY pistol? A set of disposably-priced .380 and/or 9 mm guns would be appealing. Hammer-fired DAO or DA/SA with decocker (no safety) is my preferred carry type, so these look about right. Not going to use 'em for Bullseye shooting, so as long as they're fairly reliable, drop safe and the trigger doesn't feel like it's literally cutting through a Brillo pad soaked with sand they should be acceptable.

Terribly marketing on these, BTW. I believe they want you to pronounce the name "sky," but I can't imagine anyone wouldn't read it as "sucky," particularly at this price point.
Mine works 100% as of round 280, but it is far, far down the list of what I would carry these days. I'll go out and say it these are poor quality and that's what you get for the money. It falls into the category if I had a serious need for any gun right now, as in desperation, and could not find money to buy better, then maybe.

If you are planning to buy "a set", I'd highly recommend spending that money on something better.
I'll add that I bought mine purely out of curiosity. I wanted to know firsthand how the low end compares to the usual fare. I am curious about this:

A set of disposably-priced .380 and/or 9 mm guns would be appealing

I would be interested in the OP's thoughts expanded, with respect.
Had one a while back and shot it ok (CPX2). The only reason I got rid of it is a tendency to short-stroke the dao trigger in rapid fire. Never had a malfunction with it, but probably shot fewer than 1k rounds.
I bought a used one with a red dot sight installed just to say I'd tired (1) a SCCY, and (2) a red dot. I was sort of surprised by the SCCY. It worked, as in putting rounds downrange, and keeping them on the paper. I probably did a couple hundred rounds through the one I had. (The red dot worked fine too, but I didn't use it enough to really form an opinion on them.) The gun felt great in my hand, but that trigger was pretty bad. Not so much heavy as LONG. A long pull, and a long reset." I'm an old revolver guy and I was able to sort of "get used to it" but it still left a lot to be desired. I don't think mine ever malfunctioned, it even fed a few hollow points I tried, sorry, I don't remember what they were.

Still, if it was all I had, and I mean ALL I had, I suppose it would do the job. I traded off the one I had on something else, and I can't imagine I'd ever buy another.
I agree with prior posts, ok for a back up or truck gun, but not for edc in my book. I have a couple Cpx2 and I may buy a Dvg-1. But IMHO, the CPx2 is inferior to similarly priced Taurus and Ruger offerings.
CPX-2 here
Bought because of the double action trigger and the additional safety it provides.
Not many other guns with a DBL action only trigger out there, maybe Kahrs at a higher price point or discontinued Kel Teks.
Carry it often as I don't see any encounters beyond bad breath range for me.
Keeping it reliable with stock springs.

The grip is a little chubby front-to-back for me though.
SCCY fixed that grip (rear) on the Gen3
Edit: Like any other scrap-o-matic I have bought recently, I take it apart, clean, deburr, lube, polish the mag lips/feed ramp, then put on some work gloves and rack it a few hundred times.
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The references in the poll to Hi-Point are at least somewhat unfair to that company, IMO. As crude as they are, Hi-Points are at least generally reliable.
First rule of the Internet: Never let fairness or honesty stand in the way of a good joke. If you don't think this is a good joke, we can agree to disagree on that.

But I'm glad you feel that way. I've been meaning to buy a HiPoint carbine for months, if I can just decide which caliber. (I'm pretty sure the only sane answer is "9 mm," but I may not be sane.) I've even been downvoted on Reddit for recommending to someone that it's the cheapest option for a SHTF "rifle."
Not sure what model but a female relative got on some years back. Shortly after she told me she was getting it I persuaded her to take a 200 round class with me. The first couple of strings of fire we did she had a couple of failure to feeds. One of the instructors looked at it for a minute, squirted some oil on the rails & it ran like a champ for the rest of the class. I had no idea her husband would send her to the class with a new firearm that had not been cleaned & lubed.
I voted, "Fine as a basic carry gun."

I would be interested to learn why the people referring to these as, "garbage," have that opinion.
My wife bought one a few years ago. I, as usual, did the obligatory cleaning and firing of it to make sure it worked. I had my opinions but waited to hear hers. I learned long ago not to interject my opinions that may keep her from carrying a gun I hate but she liked. In this instance we both hated it. For me, it was one of the most inaccurate firearms I have ever shot. For her, the gap between the grip and magazine pinched and cut open her pinky finger under recoil. No matter how she was gripping it. Total time in our possession was about a month between bought and sold. I would much rather have a Hi-point.
A while back I thought for a minute or two about buying some for the kids to have when they’re old enough to leave for college. Then every review I have read or seen about them kept me from making that mistake.

Stay safe.
I bought a first Gen about 18 +/~ years ago. At the time I was on about year number 10 EDC with my Keltec P-11. While everyone loves to bag on the KT, I put a lot of rounds through it without issue.

The Sccy seemed to be a KT copy, and considering that they were just down the road from KT so to speak, I thought it would be an ok gun.

The trigger broke with the first mag.

I don’t know what I ever did with it. I have not been able to find it, but who cares.

I can’t recommend one with good conscience.
If you just want something cheap to try to punch paper at the range, go for it. If you want something to carry? No way in hell I would trust my life to that
A friend of mine bought one. I was with him the first day he was trying it out and it jammed a few times every magazine for at least 50-60 rounds. Then I tried it with my ammo and it was the same thing. We both agreed it didn't work very well, but when I saw him a year later he had bought a second one because the first never worked right!

Good money after bad imo. Too many other inexpensive guns out there to have two crappy versions of the same one.
I had one when I was a poor college kid. Eventually traded it in during a panic for what I paid for it.

Mine was great. I didn't have a ton of rounds through it, maybe around 700 rounds, but much more than what the average poverty gun buyer shoots.

It was very accurate for its size, never had a failure even though the rear sight needed refixed as it popped off (they have a set screw if I remember).

So I never shunned the gun, but my sample of one was excellent.
My #2 grand daughter (by marriage) received an early one from her father for Christmas. Everyone in our family old enough to shoot it did and we all hated the thing. It wasn't that it didn't work but the trigger was terrible, the recoil was sorta nasty, and no one could shoot it accurately. I consider comparing it to a Hi-Point as insulting to the Hi-Point. :D
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I shot my friends. I didn’t like the grip. The plastic has a funny texture. It shot ok. No failures and I fed it a variety of ammo. He got rid of it, didn’t like how it felt in the hand. Their warranty is good. SCCY for me means sucky. It is a bargain pistol.
The sexy is a modified version of a kel tec p11. It’s DAO so the trigger is not what most folks prefer. They seem to be fairly durable. I would rather have one than nothing. But I don’t own one. I haven’t heard of them refusing to hone the warranty. I have heard of them having ND issues. But I don’t know anyone that has an issue. In the past I bought better guns for less money used.
Sccy pistols (named that way due to infringement of Skyy Vodkas name

Anyway they are not worth even discussing, there are so many others brands to pick and chose from
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