SD advice for a traveling Mom??

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Jan 11, 2007
My Mom works in a career that makes it very difficult for her to carry any defensive items. She is a flight attendant. If the carry-restrictions onto planes were not bad enough, she must drive from New Hampshire (NH) and into Massachusetts for her commute.

It is easy for me to worry about defending myself, however, worrying about the ladies in one's life is much harder. My Mom has always lived in small towns, and probably given very little thought to the kind of scum that will prey upon the rest of society. I also grew up in a small town, without guns, and largely complacent. However, having suffered some major trauma in the past 2 years, my lifestyle has changed. Months ago, and for the first time in my life, I have started regularly carrying a gun, pepper spray, and a knife. My Mom has asked me recently if I "really carry a gun outside of the house?" and "do you feel threatened?". I have talked to her, and she seems to understand my reasons. Still, getting her to prepare herself is a bigger task than simply explaining why I carry. She has to have her own reasons.

Carrying a gun or pepper spray in NH is easy to do lawfully. That is not the case for Mass, and therefore a big part of the question. Carrying pepper spray in Mass requires a FID card ($100, I think), and carrying a gun is harder or impossible (?). I told her to carry pepper spray, regardless of what the Mass law says on carrying it, and then get the FID card. She might not be ready to jump right up to carrying a gun just yet. Is pepper spray the best option to offer her? Can pepper spray be carried, in checked luggage, onto airplanes without needing a special declaration? I am guessing that there is not a suitable method for SD that can be carried onto an airplane.

More info.... her travels are: drive from NH into Mass, take a shuttle from parking to the terminal, and board the plane. At her destination, she is unfortunate to be at the mercy of the laws of a foreign government (England and France). It seems that I can only concern myself with what to recommend to her while she is inside the US. Maybe some of you can't suggest any new "tools", but what about how to prepare her mentally or impart some of my newfound SD mindset?

Many thanks!!
I believe the FID is $25 / 5 years, but not sure they will issue one to a non-resident. You can't carry OC spray onto a commercial aircraft.

How about one of those hard plastic or steel mini-batons (can't recall the name) that go on a keyring. They do require some training. Or at least a decent mini-maglte or surefire.
You can't carry OC spray onto a commercial aircraft.
Right. Can't change that. I am worried about her travels to and from the airport most.

How about one of those hard plastic or steel mini-batons (can't recall the name) that go on a keyring. They do require some training.
I don't know about that. It doesn't sound appropriate for a 62 year old woman. Is it?
pepperspray can be checked, I never had a problem flying with it.
A 62 yr old women should always have a sturdy cane for her "sore knee"
They let me fly with mine! (I even had knee surgery so I can prove it but they never ask)
Hat pins and knitting needles are great too
E2D and a Cane (with Dr.'s perscription!) I think Cold Steel makes a real good cane just for this!

That is the way to go.
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