Thank God for NYC. Yes, I said it.

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Feb 25, 2008
The Free State
NYC actually has had a positive effect on somebody's life!
I'm an upstate NY resident and carry every day because my life and my family are worth defending. A few months ago, I had to go to NYC for an interview. Being that NYC is a Violence Promotion Zone, I am prohibited from carrying there, so I planned ahead. I purchased a can of pepper spray and brought it down to the city with me, with the plan that it'd be my wife's when I returned home.
Ironically, a couple months later, she had to go to NYC with a friend of hers. My wife does not carry a purse, and really doesn't have anywhere convenient to carry pepper spray, but I told her that I really wanted her to bring it, so she put it in her friend's purse so that at least one of them had pepper spray on them. Nothing eventful happened, and she forgot to get it back from her friend for a while.
Last night, when I requested it from her friend (as my wife has a situation at work that is mildly concerning), she informed me that just last weekend she was very lucky to have had it with her. She had used it to deter two thugly gentlemen who approached and started to corner her. When they got close, she took the pepper spray out of her purse and threatened them with it. They scurried away and one of them made a comment along the lines of "!&@&# you don't need to freak out just because my *#&! says hello." I'm not sure what they had intended for her, but I'm very glad that she had that pepper spray with her.
Its one of those stories that leads you to believe that things happen with a purpose. Everything lined up to ensure that she had pepper spray with her that day.

  • I carry.
  • NYC prohibits carry.
  • I had an interview in NYC causing me to buy the stuff.
  • My wife had to go with her to NYC a while later.
  • My wife doesn't carry a purse.
  • We didn't retrieve the pepper spray from her until after that incident.
If any of these events / facts were different, I might be telling a different story today.
Funny how things like that work out sometimes isn't it. Nice to hear the thuglies retreated. I've had something similar happen to me of late that is work related, not potential violence related, and I'm still kind of in awe that it's happening to me. It's a positive thing, but it's this silly little chain of 3 seemingly minor events spanning 20+ years that may entirely shift my career for the better in the coming months.
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