Pepper Spray Training?

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Mar 30, 2005
Married 30 years, and still my wife won't shoot at the range or learn about guns. I carry almost every waking hour and go to the range often. She is fine with it, but has no interest.

A new nature preserve/walking trail completely surrounded by trees was built near home and she likes to walk there. I've walked there with her and noted that although it's next to a "safe" neighborhood, the nature preserve is completely hidden from view. There are no lights, so walking there at night isn't an option. It would be a perfect place to mug someone, since it's hidden from view. I told her she shouldn't walk there alone, and suggested, as I have many times, that she train with guns and carry. Not gonna happen.

So she discovered recently that one of her friends carries pepper spray, and told me she wanted to carry pepper spray, too.

What came to mind to me was the same as what would come to mind about guns. I wouldn't carry a gun without some training. I suggested that maybe she should have some self defense training that includes the use of pepper spray. She kind of rolled her eyes at that.

My questions are: What kind of training makes sense? Is there such training? Who offers it in Michigan?
TDI in (southern) OH offers a course covering both OC and kubaton. As their 2008 schedule isn't out yet and they only offer most courses 1x a year, you may find something closer in both time and distance...but it's one for your list.

FWIW, my wife and stepdaughter will be taking TDI's CQPC course next year.
IMHO the can is a better weapon. OC is pretty worthless during a spontaneous attack. Most OC Sray uses are of course by the police in stand off situations.

Think Kubatons (my favorite are from Alpha Innovations, who are also coming out with a stylus) Flashlights and Pens. Something she can have in her hand no matter the enviroment. Even in cold climates most BGs will have the hands, face and neck exposed. Some instinctive hammer fists will do the trick.
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