series 1 kimber price?

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Mar 9, 2004
i have an older series 1 kimber classic custom that i'm considering selling to a friend. it's a yonkers gun made iirc in 1996. only has a couple hundred rounds through it, with minor holster wear to the finish. all factory original with no mods. what would be a fair price to ask? i see the clackamas guns go for as much as $950, but as i understand it the clackamas guns typically carry a premium.

i'll try and post a pic or two if that helps.
Didn't know they made the 1911 in Clackamas but the one you describe is pretty much the entry level for that line and with some wear I'd say $500-$700 depending on the market your in and it's precise condition plus options like sights and grips.
From what I've seen over the years:
Series I adds about $100.
Clackamas can add up to $200.

Ultimately, buyer determines price of purchase. And, I tend to give "friends" friendly deals instead of premium pricing.
Didn't know they made the 1911 in Clackamas

They didn't but the first 7000 or so were marked Clackamas, even though they were made in NY, because Kimber didn't have their FFL paperwork finalized.
i agree, coalman. i mentioned it seemed as though the clackamas guns were bringing a slight premium over the other series 1s. i'm just trying to figure a fair price for both of us. that is if i decide to sell it...still on the fence.
Kimbers of that time represent some of the best guns Kimber every made but $950 is steep for a used basic 1911. As others have said people pay a premium for the Clackamas rollmark. I think around $600 to $650 is fair.
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I turned a friend of mine onto one last year that was made in 97 and he paid $750 for it. I thought $750 was slightly high but it was in like new condition. If he's a good friend $650 would be a good deal for both of you in my opinion.
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