Several New (and Old) Beretta Handguns Being Announced

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Jan 25, 2008
There has been a flurry of rumor, speculation and actual confirmation lately regarding several new Beretta handguns being introduced, as well as some discontinued models being re-introduced.

First, the confirmed:

• The 92G (available since early October through dealers and gun shops)
• The 92FS Brigadier Bruniton and Inox versions (officially announced by Beretta USA a few days ago)

The rumored:

• The 84 and 85 Cheetah (hinted at by Beretta USA on their Facebook page)
• 92 and 96 Vertec models (shown in pictures from the AUSA show in October)

And finally, the most exciting release (in my opinion) is the new Wilson Combat 92G Brigadier Tactical:

I put my order in for one of these new 92G Brig Tacs yesterday. Only 1,000 to be made initially. They've been made to Bill Wilson's specs, slide and frame assemblies hand selected for tightest fits, produced and assembled at the Beretta USA factory in Accokeek, MD, and available exclusively through Wilson Combat.

These are all very exciting developments for anyone who is a Beretta handgun fan. It's a sign of great things to come. Since 2015 will represent the 30th anniversary of the M9 being selected as the US Military sidearm, it should be a great year for special editions and re-release of discontinued models.
So happy. So darn happy. A factory-new Brigadier and Cheetah without breaking the bank. YES.

I've seen the 92G in stock for a while, considered trading my 92FS on one but probably won't because I don't need the money and my 92FS is a proven performer. Why not both, eh?

If you like your 92FS, but want it to be a little closer to the concept of a G, there's always the Wilson Combat low-profile single-sided safety lever. I have one on my 92FS, and it has completely eliminated the risk of accidentally engaging the safety when manipulating the slide. But it still keeps the FS mechanism in place.

I've been craving a G model. I've been craving a model with a Brigadier slide. I've been craving a model with the railed and checkered and beveled M9A1 frame. Since the discontinuation of the legendary 92G-SD "holy grail", you couldn't have all these options together in 1 factory-made gun.

Now with the 92G Brig Tac, you can! Bill Wilson and Ernest Langdon really snapped Beretta USA out of their bland vanilla 92-series product line thinking.

This is a good time to be a Beretta fan! Will we see a Beretta "renaissance", like we have with 1911s over the last 40 years?
Gosh, I hope so. They're really a wonderful manufacturer, they do fantastic quality control and rarely turn out a product that isn't slickly fit and finished.

I will own a lot of variants of the 92 by the time I'm done. I've already got the 92A1 on my list for the rail.

I really like that Wilson chose the 92 platform to do custom work on in addition to 1911s. I love Wilson 1911s and Beretta is my favorite brand, so it's a no-brainer I'll have a Wilson'd-up 92 at some point.

Thanks for the pointer on the low-pro lever! I think what I'll probably do is keep my 92FS totally stock so I always have a base model, and just get more 92s to play with. One exception is that I do use the 92A1 magazine (17 rounder) in my 92FS, but since Beretta explicitly says that's okay I feel fine about still calling that stock. :D

Thanks to that longer-than-average barrel, I stock it up with standard-pressure Speer Gold Dot 124-grainers, get the same performance you'd get out of the +p version from a 4" barrel, and that's my nightstand gun: a proven platform shooting a proven combat load. Good stuff.
Before anyone calls foul about the MSRP of this new Wilson/Beretta 92G Brigadier Tactical ($1,195.00), consider that the gun it's based on, the 92G-SD, had an MSRP of $1,250 in Beretta's 2004 catalog. That's right - 10 years ago!

And this new gun adds features many people find superior to what came on the 92G-SD such as a shortened barrel, rounded trigger guard, oversized and extended checkered magazine release, etc. Early reports are that the tolerances between slide/barrel/frame of this new gun are exceptionally tight.

I could do without the Wilson logo etched in the slide or the VZ grips that have a Wilson emblem, but other than that it's basically my ultimate dream Beretta 92.
Agreed, I have more affinity toward the Beretta brand than the Wilson brand, I wish they offered the option for pure Beretta branding but the Wilson treatment. I understand their position though, gotta get that advertising in. And while I prefer Beretta, Wilson is surely no label to be ashamed of.
The Vertec 92 takes standard 92 magazines, correct?

Correct. All 92 platform guns (Compacts, Elites, FS, G, Vertec, Brigadier, M9, A1, 90-Two, etc.) take the same mags. The Compacts obviously come with shorter 13-round mags, but they accept the full size. The long-discontinued 92 Compact Type M (single stack) is not mag-compatible with the other 92 guns.

And Beretta now offers various magazines from the standard 15-round parkerized, 15-round stainless, 15-round PVD coated sand-resistant, 17-round blued, 20-round, even 30-round. Add to that the Mec-Gar 18-round flush fit and the 20-round extended mags, and you have a lot of options. I'd stay away from any brands other than Beretta factory or Mec-Gar, unless they're for range use only.
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Boy I just looked at the Brigadier Tactical........ I want one bad. To hell with the Vertec. So If I hit the buy it now button, am I placed in a queue for when they are ready to ship? I've never tried to buy direct from a manufacturer before? Or do I need to have a dealer do so.

I of course realize I'd need it shipped to my local FFL, but, how does it work exactly? Feel silly asking that, but I've only ever bought from Gunbroker online.

I plan to by a CX4 in 9mm that takes 92 series mags. I already have 3 30 round mags for it. I'd like a 92 series pistol to compliment it, and this looks like a winner, especially since I've been debating between nice 9mm shooters.

Is the frame steel? Didn't catch that if it is.
Is the frame steel? Didn't catch that if it is.

No. Standard aluminum frame.

I was in the same boat as you, never having bought a gun any way other than at the counter of a gun shop or gun show.

Wilson is getting OVERLOADED with emails and calls currently, due to this announcement. The best way to expedite the process is to call them and wait on hold until you get a human. They'll ask for the FFL dealer where you'll want the gun sent.

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but their initial delivery of 250 pistols has most likely been been sold as of today. Here is a quote from Bill Wilson himself, from another gun forum:

We shut down mid week last week and moved into our new 27,000sq ft office/warehouse Wed. - Sat.. We were back up and running Mon am and then a pallet of Beretta pistols showed up. Our crew did an amazing job of shipping a lot of product on Mon and Tue along with a large # of Brig Tac pistols. We have however had several issues with our new a complex PH system and are working hard to resolve these issues.

Here is the straight scoop:

We have received 198 of the initial shipment of 250 pistols and expect the remaining 52 to arrive in the next week or so. The complete order with BUSA is for 1000 pistols to be delivered as follows:

250 Oct/Nov 2014
250 Dec 2014
250 Jan 2015
250 Mar 2015

Most of the initial 198 pistols have already been sold.

If they continue to sell though well we may order more, but delivery would probably be in the 3rd quarter of 2015 due to military M9 orders in process and the pending move of BUSA to TN.

These pistols are built to my specifications which include a tight slide to frame fit and tight barrel lock up with a match grade Elite II style stainless barrel. As customers take delivery of these pistols it will become evident that they are the best M92 pistols produced to date. Actions are also pretty darn good for an out of the box production pistol. Accuracy has proven to be very good. All in all I'm personally VERY happy with how they turned out and think BUSA did a great job on them.

The following up grades are available prior to shipment: Action work and installation of our new magazine guide, however this will delay shipment 5 weeks or so due to our backlog of Beretta work.

Apparently there has been some confusion on the availability of LE/Mil discount, yes this discount is applicable to these pistols.

Please be patient with us as we work through this move and new product introduction.

Bill Wilson
Great info and thank you. As long as I can get one I'll be happy. It would also be a real benefit to me to take delivery later on, as the approaching holidays makes fun money scarce. I assume they would not charge me until the pistol actually shipped.

I haven't been this excited for awhile. It's actually affordable.
My God, I just thought they were stock 92s with Wilson tweaks, I didn't realize Beretta let Wilson spec them out from the factory.

One of those just got bumped WELL up my wish list.
My God, I just thought they were stock 92s with Wilson tweaks, I didn't realize Beretta let Wilson spec them out from the factory.

Yes, if anyone just assumes these are Beretta 92s that Wilson has fluffed and buffed in their shop, you really should read the link I posted in the OP. These were spec'd by Bill Wilson (probably with some major input from Ernest Langdon) and Beretta is producing and assembling these 1,000 pistols in their factory. The only Wilson parts are the fluted steel guide rod and the rear sight. The grips are Wilson emblemed VZs. The front sight is a Trijicon tritium green dot. Every other piece and part of this gun is 100% factory Beretta.

The details about how the Brigadier slides came back into production after 10 years of being gone, as well as more pictures and details of the gun, can be found in this big thread over on Beretta Forum:
I hope they re-introduce the 86, I'm sorry I didn't pick one up when they were available.

Longest barreled 380 AUTO pistol available in the U.S. - not counting the Cobray.
Time to reconfigure my to-buy list a little bit!

Really nice to see Beretta bringing back some of the popular models that were discontinued. And I'm glad the Beretta 92 is Bill Wilson's second-favorite pistol platform! :D I'm looking forward to picking up one (or two) of those.
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I would love to see the Models 84 and 85 brought back, as well as the Vertec variants. They were the only version of the Model 92 that I could get a comfortable grip on.
I'm always happy to see the Berettas get some love. When you take the political stigma of the 92 replacing the 1911, they really are fantastic, reliable, robust, and beautiful guns.

Adore mine.
If they bring back the Beretta Steel I next year, I'm going to be a broke man in 2015.
No love for the D?

No D or DS pistols? :(
I heard the Florida Highway Patrol used the Beretta 96G .40 for about 12 years before being suckered into the .45GAP by Glock.
Maybe the agency will go crawling back to Beretta USA?
I find it interesting too that Beretta will keep cranking out new guns when they also plan to move to a new site in TN? :confused:
I owned 2 96D law enforcement surplus guns(PA Fish Commission & Shelby County TN Sheriffs). Both were top notch. The Shelby Sheriff's 96D was also a Brigader slide.
If they bring back the Beretta Steel I next year, I'm going to be a broke man in 2015.

Yeah, I've already sold a couple of guns to scrounge up some loose change for this new Wilson 92G Brig Tac. If Beretta releases a 92 Compact Type M, or a 92 Steel 1, or 92 Stock or Combat in 2015, I'll be in big trouble.

I find it interesting too that Beretta will keep cranking out new guns when they also plan to move to a new site in TN?

My guess is that they'll gradually finish out M9 production at their Maryland plant to fulfill any pending DoD contracts, as they transition to Tennessee. I believe that Beretta's goal is to be completely moved out of Maryland with all USA production happening in Tennessee. When they wish to achieve that goal, I don't know.

No D or DS pistols?

A lot of people love the D. Maybe Beretta will bring it back in 2015, but I don't think it's been nearly as "begged for" as the return of the G models. But in my opinion, a 92FS with a D hammer spring installed, and with a low-pro single sided safety lever, has the smooth flat slide and lighter DA (first) trigger pull of the D, but with the crisp SA trigger of the FS. For those that will never like the DA/SA transition, though, I guess the D is still a great option.
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