Shooting opinion of Springfield XD M 45 caliber

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Dog Wonder

Dec 6, 2008
East Coast

I am considering buying a Springfield XD M -45 caliber .

Has anyone shot this handgun & if your thoughts on it's

(1) reliability

(2) thoughts on handling of this handgun

(3) I know its a personnel thing but how comforable did this gun

feel in your hands

I like how this gun takes down & reassembly.

Many thank-you's
1) I've only shot one a few times, and it wasn't mine, but the XD line doesn't have any durability problems that I am aware of. I have the XDm 40 and haven't had any issues.

2) Like a dream.

3) It's pretty darn comfortable. I have small hands but it fit real nice.

The XDm is a fine platform. My only issues with it, albeit in .40 are how stiff some of the controls get (especially the mag release) when loading a full magazine.
I have an XDm in .45 ACP. IMO it is the best value among all polymer framed .45s. I wouldn't even consider paying $900 or more for the H&K .45 and the USP, while costing less, doesn't match up well against the XDm. The Glock 21 is the closest comparison. I like it but I do not like the polygonal rifling as I shoot a lot of cast lead handloads and if you're going to do that with the G21, you really need to get one of the conventionally rifled aftermarket barrels. Some shoot cast loads through their G21s but don't expect them to rave about accuracy. Also, Glock does not relieve ejection ports so brass gets dinged upon ejection. Some worse than others but I would not buy any pistol that doesn't have a relieved ejection port. About the only other polymer frame .45 I would consider would be the S&W M&P but max capacity is 10 rounds in the magazine whereas the XDm holds 13, but the M&P is very accurate and shootable. I am not a fan of most factory triggers so before I bought the XDm I researched aftermarket trigger kits. I installed the Powder River Precision "Match Easy Fit" trigger kit. My trigger now breaks at 4# with very little take-up and no overtravel. I also added a Don's SS solid guide rod for a little more weight up front.

(1) My XDm is ultra reliable

(2) Handling is superb and you get the interchangeable back-straps allow you to fit the pistol to your individual need. I have large hands so I use the largest back-strap.

(3) I find my XDm to shoot as comfortably as heavier 1911s.

Then there's the Match grade barrel. Some consider it nothing more than a marketing ploy. Not me. My XDm is very accurate. In fact I would put it's accuracy up against 1911s that cost hundreds more but a trigger kit will help make it the best it can be. There is also a "Carry" version of the PRP trigger kit in the event you will carry yours. ;)
I have a XD45 purchased used. While reliable (1000+ rounds, no malfunctions) and ergonomically ok, I've never been able to get comfortable with the trigger (mushy takeup and significant overtravel). Having said that, I'm suitably accurate with it.

It is not my first choice for an EDC (currently relegated to house gun duty). Having said that , I would not hesitate to do so if it was my only option.

As always, YMMV
I keep one as a house gun. Lots of .45 ammo in the mag. I handload and I have had no issues with any of my loads in this gun. Easy takedown. Very accurate. I did change the sights to TruGlo TFO's as I prefer night sights on a gun for home protection.

I also instruct basic pistol and the ladies seen to sholot if very well.

I love my XDm 4.5 so far. No problems and has been completely reliable. It is extremely accurate and soft shooting. I mainly bought the XDm over the XD because the M can handle lead bullets and slightly easier take down. It fits my hand well and I like the feel and handling.
I shot the XD, XDm, M&P, and Glock 21 at the same range session, back to back, 50 rounds of 230 FMJ PMC each. All four are quality guns, and none experienced any stopages or other issues during my session with them. For me, the M&P and Glock 21 were far more accurate than the XD offerings.

Someone else might have far different results. It's like going to a runner's forum and asking what shoe will fit you best. If you get the opportunity, shoot whatever you think you want (and it's competition) before you decide. I would have bought the XDm myself - it felt great in my hand - until I got to shoot it.

Someone will be along shortly to defend their XD, and that's fine. What works for me may or may not work for you.
Have the XD 45...No problems, eats anything but SWC...very soft shooter and quick follow up .Like it big time.
I just got mine so I can't say about it's reliability yet, no problems thus far. As far as comfort and all it shoots like a dream. 13 rounds of 45 in a platform that is as easy to shoot as my 9mm? Yes please.
I didn't like the grip on the XDM but it may feel fine for you. I opted for the XD45 4" Service model. Excellent gun and the grip was perfect for me.
I have the compact XDM in .45. It has the 3.8" barrel. I bought it for general shooting and concealed carry. Even with iron sights, this compact is a good shooter, better than my meager abilities. I've only put about 300 rounds through it. All with no trouble. I ended up changing backstraps to make it more comfortable in my hand, though.

You also get a lot of stuff with the pistol. Among these are a hard case, three backstraps, a magazine loader, magazine grip extensions, a RH holster, a 9 round magazine and a 13 round mag. But don't be swayed by "free" stuff. I don't care much for the holster or mag loader. Better than nothing I guess. You'll be getting your own holster and Maglula has better mag loaders.

I think the compact is a little big for easy concealment in summer clothes, but a lot of guys have no trouble doing so and carry daily.

If I buy another pistol in .45, it'll have adjustable sights for more serious target shooting, maybe the XDM 5.25 in .45. I think it's a good product.

The big criticism you'll hear is that the striker retaining pin will work its way up or crack if you dry fire a lot. I talked to Springfield about this, and their rep said it only happened with thousands of rounds of dryfire with no snap cap. BTW, the weapon will still fire even if the pin cracks. Powder River Precision makes rolled pins that are really tough, and some XDM users put them in. I've done around 1000 rounds of dry fire with no trouble. But I use a homemade snap cap. XDMTalk has forums with good info on these products.
I shot the XDm in .45. I thought the trigger was acceptable for a duty/defense gun, but honestly not very good in comparison to my 1911's. Reliability was excellent.
My shooting buddy has the XDM. I get to shoot it a lot and I really like it. Accurate and no malfunctions in all the classes and IPSC shoots we've done. I would not hesitate to get one.
They are great no problems and very accurate! Felt great in the hand too. I had the compact and thought it was just a little to big for me to carry on a daily basis.
One thing to be aware of, if you plan to reload and shoot SWC bullets, you need to get the XDm. It has a modification that allows it to handle SWCs. Other than that the standard XD is an excellent pistol and costs less. To me it was worth the extra money for the XDm because I do handload and really like to shoot 200 gr. SWCs. The interchangeable backstraps and the Match Grade barrel are also a plus. The Powder River Precision trigger kits are available for either the XDm or the standard XD. ;)
I have had the xdm45 4.5" for 15 months. The small blackstrap works best for me. Only SA has a grip safety among striker guns. No striker gun trigger compares to a 1911. My xdm45 with 14 rounds weighs 5oz less than my 1911 with 9 rounds. Holster availability is limited with the xdm45 4.5" though. I have Trijicon night sights. I shoot it well (for me) but I shoot the heavy 1911 better.
On the accuracy issue, there are definitely tougher test but at our range we shoot at 50'. I have a 200 gr. SWC handload with Ramshot Zip that will provide one hole groups at that distance and is nearly as accurate with 230 gr. JHPs loaded to 900 FPS. If there's any accuracy issue it comes from the triggers that can be heavy. Drop a PRP trigger kit in and you'll get a match grade trigger that will help you get the most from the XDm's match grade barrel. ;)
I have an XD 45 and haven't shot SWC but have fired Speer gold dot 200 gr HPs and it fired 'em flawlessly.

Might have to find an XDM.
I have the Tactical model, fairly new so there aren't many rounds through it and it doesn't have the wear marks of my Colts. Trigger is better than Glock's, but then a number of others are too. Trigger is not in the same class as Steyr. It's a good shooter, points well and I like features such as the grip safety, cocked indicator, plus round in chamber indicator.
The XD-M is a nice polymer pistol. Typical striker trigger. Comes with some nice accessories as well.

I have had one for a little over a year.

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