Shooting the 10-22 today

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Jul 21, 2004
Houston, TX
I managed to get time away from the golf course today to shoot a couple of new ammo types through the 10-22, it's just a 25 yard indoor range so I couldn't shoot off a bench or bipod, just barricade style. Anyway I'm testing ammo to see what is worth trying at 50 yards the next time I can get to the big range with proper benches, my usual ammo has been RWS Target Rifle. I cleaned the barrel before leaving home, then fired 10 fouling shots before starting. I also fired 10 fouling shots when switching ammo and shot 5 x 10 shot groups with each ammo. It has an 18" Green Mountain .920 fluted barrel, VQ drop in trigger at 2 lb. 4 oz., an old Fajan adjustable stock and a Weaver 6-20 AO scope (not the one in the picture here). Both types of ammo tested today ran flawlessly, no problems of any kind.

ruger 100-22 right.jpg

SK Pistol Match Special - this is supposed to run just a little hotter than the regular Pistol Match. My two best groups were with this today, although a couple of not so good groups. Measured from the lube rings left on the paper edge to edge then subtracted bullet diameter to get group size. The SK produced a best of .155" c-c and a worst of .53" c-c with an average of .3425" c-c. I'll definitely be trying this from the bench at 50 yards. Outside edge to edge measurement ranged from .75" down to .375", the orange circles are 1" diameter.

sk pistol special 1.jpg sk pistol special 2.jpg sk pistol special 3.jpg sk pistol special 4.jpg sk pistol special 5.jpg

Next up was the Lapua Pistol King, not so accurate but seemed like it wanted to shoot, I may give this a chance at the 50 yard line. Best group was .28" c-c, worst was .53" c-c, average was .445 c-c.

lapua pistol king 1.jpg lapua pistol king 2.jpg lapua pistol king 3.jpg lapua pistol king 4.jpg
Looks like you had a good day at the range. 10-22's are always fun to shoot especially modified ones. Yours looks nice.
10-22 ... 25 yard indoor range ... 18" Green Mountain .920 fluted barrel, VQ drop in trigger at 2 lb. 4 oz., an old Fajan adjustable stock and a Weaver 6-20 AO scope

SK Pistol Match Special ... Lapua Pistol King
Nice shooting and you just made my day to like my factory stock 10/22 Collector #3 and Thompson Center T/CR22 that much more.

I have so far done 20 different "bulk" ammo comparison testing and looking forward to testing match ammo.
Or a 100yds and further for real fun.
50 yards is the best test of rifle and ammo, provided wind is low, and not switchy. Results at 100 yards tend to be fluky, dependent on wind, mirage and ammo velocity variations more than the rifle's ability. Rimfire benchrest competitions are mostly 50 yards/meters. Great ammo and rifle combos can group consistently less than 1/4" at 50 yards.
I was pleasantly surprised at what SK Pistol did out of my Mossberg 42, should have scooped up more before the shelves at Fleet Farm were emptied.
This thread reminds me of when I had a Stevens .22 LR semi-automatic that I shot A LOT and killed more critters and cans than I can remember. One day, after mounting a cheap scope on it, I shot it at the range and it didn't group, it PATTERNED about 6 inches at about 30 yards! I went by the gun store on the way home and another rifle followed me home.

Before I targeted it, it killed a LOT of small game/varmints, but all of a sudden, it wasn't "respected" anymore. Most of the critters I shot back then were less than 25 yards, so the rifle was entirely adequate for the tasks I needed it to do, but I had lost confidence in it, so "needed" something else. Today, I still am not happy with a rifle that won't group inside a deer's nostril at 100 yards...even though that's not the place I've ever aimed on a deer.
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