Sig .22 conversion unit

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Feb 2, 2005
Madison, Wisconsin
I received my Sig .22 conversion unit for the P226 pistol on Monday June 30th.

The two vendors that seem to have the units consistently in stock right now are TOP GUN SUPPLY and SCOTTSDALE GUN CLUB. or

I carry a Sig 226R-DAK in .40 cal as a duty gun, and I wanted the conversion unit to allow cheaper practice. (I also have a Sig 226 in 9mm, but I haven't tried the conversion unit on that gun yet)

I've used .22 conversion units for 25 years, and currently have conversion units for my AR-15, M1911A1, Browning P35, Beretta M9 and Glock 19. I'm quite used to fiddling with conversion units to get them to work, experimenting with ammo to ensure reliable function, etc.

Sig recommends the CCI Mini-Mag RN for use in the conversion unit. I stopped at Farm & Fleet on the way out to the range and bought 500 rounds, at $6.39/100. A subsequent search on the net revealed that SPORTSMAN'S GUIDE and NATCHEZ SHOOTER'S SUPPLY both were selling the CCI Mini-Mag for slightly less (I didn't figure total cost including shipping)

My practice sessions have generally been 200 rounds beginning with a clean and well lubed gun.

I shot 500 rounds of the CCI Mini Mag RN, 200 rnds of Remington Cyclone, 100 rnds of CCI Blazer, 100 rnds of CCI Target, 100 rnds of Remington Golden Bullets, 100 rnds of Aguila Super Extra, and 100 rounds of Winchester Wildcat. A total of 1200 rounds in 5 trips to the range.

All my shooting was done from the holster at a moderate pace at 50 feet on the NRA B-34 silhouette target.

In 1200 rounds, I experienced TWO failures to feed, NO failures to fire, NO failures to extract, and ONE failure to eject (with Winchester Wildcat). The slide does NOT lock back on an empty magazine.

I had MANY instances where it took a second hammer strike to fire the round. The slide was in battery (except on a few occasions) but it still took a second strike to fire the round. The gun may wear in with continued use. I may have to alter my lubrication regimen. If nothing else, I can take the gun in to the gunsmith and have the chamber polished. That's helped the function of several of my other conversion units.

My intended application for the conversion unit is just to maintain basic marksmanship skills, and I'll mostly use it at 50 feet on B-34 and B-29 and TQ-20 reduced silhouettes.

The conversion unit is quite accurate. It's easy to keep all 10 rounds from a magazine in the 8 ring of a B-29 at 50 feet, when fired at a timed fire pace.
Thanks for the update. I was curious about these. Please keep updating as your experience continues. I have had AA & Ciener for Glocks, but both had issues.
Thanks for the report Jeff

I was thinking about buying one of these to use for practice as the price of 9mm is starting to get up there.
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