Sig 229 DAK 357sig

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Jan 17, 2007
I recently came into possession on a two tone Sig 229, chambered in 357sig with the DAK trigger.

I must say I wish I had obtained one of these years ago. Simply the finest handgun I have ever owned. I have Colts, HK, S&W, Browning, FN, and Berettas. None matches the fit and finish on this pistol.

The stainless slide is a satin beadblasted finish, and the frame is the traditional Sig black. The controls are stainless and the contrast makes it a handsome looking pistol as well.

As reliability's a Sig, totally reliable. Accuracy is simply superb. 1.5" groups at 15 yards with me doing my part. I'm currently in the process of having the rest of my handgun collection appraised. I am contemplating dumping all of them and buying a 226, and 239 and a smaller safe.

With a 40 and 9mm conversion barrels I don't see the need for any other handguns. It makes me regret all the money I've wasted over the years on lesser handguns. Anyone else feel this way about the Sig 229? I used to be a revolver guy too!!!
Well understood

I am contemplating dumping all of them and buying a 226, and 239 and a smaller safe.

Congrats on finding the ultimate gun IMHO..

I can understand "selling off" the unwanted, unused, getting a smaller safe, as my small safe holds 6 handguns, total, 3 of which are Sig P229's 40's and 9mm, all my mags, etc.

You might want to locate one or 2 more of the same type, caliber is your choice, but its nice to have duplicate back ups in the preferred caliber of choice, as not to be without, in the event of..

Enjoy the long marriage with the Sig P229, they do make you :) every time, anytime.

You are correct, Sigs are outstanding. I own a 226 9mm, 229 40, 229s in 357 and 40 combo, and a 239 9mm. Have sold all my 1911's, kahrs, and s&w's. Sigs devour all my reloads with zero problems.
I have 229 elite with 40 and 357 barrels and like it. The only grip i that wood grips make it somewhat bulky, but of course, it is curable if needed.
Ditto that. I wanted a Sig 20 years ago when I bought my first handgun and settled for something less. I bought my first Sig (229-.40 and .357 barrels) a couple of months ago and it is top quality and accurate as all get out. I can't wait until I can afford to expand my Sig collection. I see a 220, 226, another 229, 232 and a 239 in my future...hopefully.:D
Quite possibly one of the few guns that will survive combat conditions yet still be accurate enough right out of the box to make one hole groups on the range. Best of both worlds!
I'm saving for the p229 Elite stainless in 40. if anyone has pics please put em up for more motivation for me.......
I have a P229-DAK in .357SIG as well and it is one of my very favorite pistols. Excellent for personal defense or the range. 100% reliable for me as well. Add some Truglo TFO sights and it's nearly perfect.
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