Sig Sauer 522

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Jun 14, 2011
I was in the market for another .22 LR. The Marlin 60 has been relegated to squirrel only status, and my JC Higgins is antiquated to the point of being merely a conversation piece. Seeing as how I have the awesome Ruger Sr/22p and have "service" style pistol covered in that caliber I felt it time to get a tactical .22, as goofy as that sounds. I searched and held many models, shot a few too. Here's the outcome:

1. Ruger SR22. Essentially the damn 10/22, and not worth it's tag. Heavy.

2. Mossberg 715T. Light, based on the 702 Plinkster, but in a plastic AR shell. My
boy enjoyed this one as it wasn't too heavy for him. I got him one, but wasn't for me, as the break down requires removal of 14 total screws and alot of free time.

3. Colt/Umarex. Nope.

4. 10/22 with tacit cool doodads. Expensive approaching $500, might as well skip the work involved.

5. Smith M&P 15-22. Now here's where things got interesting. I was diggin the reviews, the looks, and shot one at my local range owned by an acquaintance. That's where the possibility of this one being my new gun ended. See, I have ARs, and I dont find training with an AR look alike that is 2 pounds lighter than the real thing to be very fruitful. So, I didn't mind having accessorizing capabilities, but I wasn't going to call this a "training rifle". It's a damn .22, and nothing more. But, first time I held the M&P, I thought "this looks, feels, but isn't CHEAP in price!". $450 in my neck of the woods for a rifles that has AR type takedown but feels entirely too much like a toy! I think not! Accuracy was on par with the $250 Mossberg. Needless to say, not impressed.

Then, I found myself in Cabelas window shopping. Dude behind the counter inquired as to what I was searching for. "Basically, a .22 autoloader that is meant to be tactically defined, but doesn't feel like a toy. But, it doesnt exist."

Figuring I was misleading myself, I was prepared to build a 10/22 up to be, well, something. Until the gentleman said he may have the gun I longed for.
He had ONE ladies and gentlemen, ONE in stock. It took him 15 minutes to find it, but he brought me a dusty cardboard box. Upon opening it, he slides out this goofy blue hard case with Sig Sauer on the top. I hadn't seen this one. He opened the case.


Milled aluminum upper, takedown in AR fashion, hefty bolt, and one of the best triggers I've ever pulled. I asked about price. He says he will check.

$299.88. My jaw dropped. I got on my phone, and called LGS. Lowest they'd sell me one was $425. I bought said rifle in swift fashion. At the checkout counter, the manager made sure to tell the employee he rung up the wrong price. It was actually $499.99. TOO LATE!!!!

I put a bargain bin red dot on it last Friday, sighted it in in six shots. Did transition firing, fast firing, controlled firing at unknown ranges on Dirty Birds and every zombie target I could find. Finally, mag dumps on my steel gong with the included 25 rounder.

People, this rifle is a gem. I just thought I'd share this with you guys, as it is accurate, groups amazing, has a trigger to die for, and is black rifle cool to boot. Thanks for reading my story! I will post pics ASAP.:)
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I have a 522 and it is one of my favorite plinkers and it makes a good training aid for the 556 series of rifles.

Yup, $299. The manager was kinda ticked, as I have no idea why he said $299, when it was supposed to be $499. Hmmm...

I'll get pics up this evening, promise.
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