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Mar 27, 2003
Okay City
(Posted here since the one in Gunsmithing got two ads, one non sequitur, and none of the questions answered)

I just got myself a "new" P6 (circa April 1983). The frame is in *perfect* condition, but the slide's kinda scraped up from holster wear and other hard use. I know the Nitron finish isn't known for its durability, but I'd much rather have the factory refinish it than take a risk on someone else. Plus, the Nitron finish would be the actual "original" finish of the pistol. A few questions:

1) Is the present-day Nitron finish any more durable than that of 25 years ago?

2) Has anyone here on THR sent theirs in to Sig? How did it go?

3) They have an option for electroless nickel, for the same price. This would definately affect the appearance of the gun (duh), but if it's a factory finish, then it should be decent, right? Would it be/ is Sig's EN finish stronger than Nitron?

3a) Addendum: at some point, I'd also have to get the matching EN bits for the rest of the frame, but that's another trip and $200 more.

4) Would the required import mark still be discernible?

Thanks in advance. :)
I sent my Sig in a few weeks ago everything went ok with Sig but UPS on the other hand I had a few words.

I had the stainless steel slide done and I love it. This is mine taken the day I got it back...

I sent a 229 slide back to have the black coat redone as it had some bad scratches and holster wear. the price was reasonable and the turnaound time was about three weeks door to door. it looked the same as the day I bought it and the color matched the frame perfectly.
BlazingAngel01, is that a switch of some kind on the bottom rear portion of those grips?
Are all Sig slides made of stainless steel?

No, the older Sigs have folded steel slides. Since the steel slides are lighter, many think the older guns have better balance. I don't know about balance, but there is definately a weight difference. My full size old 220 seems lighter than my new 229.

Why is ceramic so much higher $$ than Duracoat? I know that everyone claims that cera is much better than duracoat.....but isn't most of the price in the prep work labor?

There is a shop in my town that does cera, and they are about the same price as you guys.

I just wondered if cera is THAT much more expensive than duracoat.....because I can have duracoat done to my whole Sig with a lifetime guarantee for $50.
The orignal finish on your slide was not Nitron, it was most likely traditional blueing. Nitron was introduced by Sig as a way of blackening their stainless steels slides that were introduced in the 90's. Only in the past few years has Sig made the Nitron fininsh available on stamped carbon steel slides such as the P225.
CCR does great work. If I were in your shoes and wanted the slide finished in black, I'd either use him or send it to Sig for Nitron, which is reasonably durable. For nickle, I'd choose NP3 by Robar. It's my favorite aftermarket finish.
It's definately not bluing. The trigger and hammer, even, have this sort of reddish hue to them that I've not really seen before (though it looks professional). The slide looks like it's got some sort of powdercoat-ish coating to it. Almost like a manganese phosphate parkerization that was sprayed on... definately not blue. :confused: From what I've read and heard, this fits the description for Nitron. FWIW, the date on the slide above the 3-digit suffix for the serial number is 4/83...

What's NP3?
Sig refinished my first P220 slide last year. I was very happy with the way it came out and the turn around time. I don't have any before pictures, but the slide had the usual wear on the high edges. This gun is pretty much a safe queen now, so I can't really tell you how the finish is holding up under regular holstering and shooting.


CCR refished (in reverse two tone) my well worn P226. I can tell you that they (Brad and Mary) did an outstanding job on it. At this time I have well over 3000 rounds through it and broken in a new leather holster with it. It looks just like the day that I got it back. The only places that the new finish has worn off is on the rails in the normal spots (you can't see it unless you take off the slide). I'd highly recommend CCR for refinishing a gun that you plan on shooting and carrying very much. They will be getting my next "project" gun!




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