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The Sig pics I promised a long time ago. (picture heavy)

I hope you will accept “Better late than never.” I have a lot of excuses. Like I’m going to pickup that 250 real soon and want to get it in the post, and I’m getting a new SLR camera with Christmas money and want to use the gun shoot as practice, there are many more, but they are all just excuses and who needs them.

I’m back from the range, the safe is open, and I’ve figured out the new camera, kind of. So here goes. Some of the guns were photographed strait from the range before cleaning. They did get cleaned later that night but when I started photographing some of them, I had to do them all, now. I am a bit of a compulsive personality and besides they’re just shooters/tools not ornaments or jewelry. They get well cared for but not pampered.

Please read some of the comments with the tongue-in-cheek humor I intended.

229, 9mm, nite-sights
My first choice in a handgun, if I NEED a handgun for social purposes.


228, 9mm, nite-sights
A police trade-in, the price was right, a backup for the 229


229R-22, 22lr
Not perfect but much better than the mosquito I had. Biggest complaints, magazines are cheesy and it shoots exactly where I point it. Very accurate but light, it will help me improve my trigger control.

I’m thinking of making this my multi-caliber gun 357sig, 40s&w, 9mm, 22lr, by getting the 357 upper with the coupon and adding barrels and such.


226rts, all stainless, 9mm, nite-sights
Range toy, o joy, shooting this makes me such a happy boy. Low felt recoil, great balance and accuracy.


P6, 9mm
Another range toy, the price was right, interesting history, and people I shoot with can experience a single stack Sig with a smaller grip, after I take the sock off.


220 / Browning BDA, 9mm
Nothing feels like a 220. Not quite a safe queen, but I plan to shoot it very little, bought because it looks great, not everyone has one, and I wanted it. (OK, they’re not all just shooters. There is some pride of ownership in this one.)


220c, 45acp, nite-sights
Just in case I need one, a 45 carry.


220st, all stainless, 45acp, nite-sights
Range toy #3, I really like the way it puts those 45 cal holes where I expect them to be.


2022, 9mm, nite-sights
My polymer, a Sig, feels”odd” but points and shoot like a Sig, very good. I wouldn’t gripe much if I had to carry this gun.


250 compact, 9mm, nite-sights
Very smooth, very long, DAO trigger, better than most of the DA pulls on the revolvers I used to shoot. Excellent feel/ergonomics, someday it might be the “one pistol” I’m allowed but I’ll have a 9mm & 45acp that’s accurate enough.


232, 380acp
Last but not least, the nicest 380 I own or have owned and maybe the best 380 ever made. IMHO


Over the past 30+ years I have accumulated Sigs because they’re first class pistols, I like the controls, and they work for me. They fit me well, with a little help, and shoot well with no help. I have 13 other pistols that are not Sigs but they are spread over 7 different makers. Sig is consistently right for me.

I also seem to prefer nite-sights, but that’s not true, of the 7 Sigs with nite-sights only 2 were intentionally purchased with them. The other 5 just came with the deal, mostly as used guns. I don’t object to them they make acceptable three dot sights but in low light/dark shooting situations if you can’t see your sights can you make positive target identifications? That is an actual question born of inexperience in this type of shooting situation. I’ll have to check the archives I’m sure there is at least one thread on this subject. (I’m starting to ramble again, time to quit.)

In closing: I like um, want one, got one. It’s mine. You can’t have it. (At least for a while.)
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Last night a NIB P220 Nitron with night sights followed me home from the toy store, this was shipped to the dealer a few months ago, so it came with the second magazine in the box, unlike the new Sig shipments with 1 mag; paid $839.00 for it. It will get quality time at the range this weekend! - skeeter_08
Bought my first Sig a few months ago. Now I can't stop myself. The children have no food to eat nor shoes on their feet. I'm thinking of making them get a jobs. The oldest is 9. He should be good for something. At minimum wage, in 200 hours, he should earn enough for me to buy another all stainless Elite.

Tell me, does anyone think carrying 3 BUGs is too much?
Just bought my first gun today: P229. Now if I can only find some ammo to run through it...


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Haven't been around for a while.
Here are the newest Sig family shots plus two new (to me) additions.

P220's and P226's


P225's, P228's, and P229s


P230 SL, P239's, and Trailside


BDA / Sig .45acp


P228 Two Tone (1991)

I have, or have had, the following SIGs:
P220, stainless
P226, 9mm, stainless
P229, 40S&W & 357SIG, DA/SA & DAK
P232, black
P239, 40S&W & 357SIG, DA/SA & DAK

All have never had a single FTF, flawless reliabilty.
I got it bad!

I just got SP2022 in 40. 3days ago and the only problem is, I have two hands and only one SIG. Someone please help meeeeeeeeee ! are there support groups or somehting.:D
I have 2P6/P225 and a P226 i would like to know what yr the P226 was made it has W.German marking on the slide and frame.
Look on the bottom of the slide, just under the muzzle and forward of the dust cover: there should be three proof marks, one consisting of two capital letters. The letters are code for the year it was proofed (see chart), which should also give you a general idea of when it was made. You can also call Sig with the serial number and get info I think.

A 0
B 1
C 2
D 3
E 4
F 5
G 6
H 7
J 8
K 9

The date code for your W.German P226 will look like this -


Your P6 will have the month and year stamped on the right side of the slide.

I just added this P220 9mm to the "family". It was made in 1983 and has the European style magazine release.


I have had my 229 a little over a year. I have both the .40 and .357SIG barrels. I am in love.:p

Is anyone using the lasermax for this gun?
Productive Gun-Trading Day

I had a very productive gun-trading day. I started off the day with four Kahr pistols– a P9, a K9, an MK9 and a T9. I love Kahrs...but I don’t really need four of them. So after listing the P9 and the K9 on a number of for-sale forums, I ended up agreeing to trade the two of them for a couple of Sigs. The P9 went this morning to a gentleman from another gun forum, and in return I received this P226. It is an older West German model, and when I first examined at it, I was pleased to find out that it was in great shape. The slide has zero side-to-side play, and there are only a few light scuffs on the slide and frame. I am planning on picking up some slimmer grips as the 229/226 grip size is just a bit big for my hand. I’m pretty jazzed about this gun.

Sig226_1.gif Sig226_2.gif Sig226_3.gif

My next Sig acquisition was a P239 from another gun forum member. The 239 also turned out to be in great shape. There were a few small nicks in the magwell, but the rest of the gun was nearly flawless. The former owner said that he had put a couple thousands rounds through this gun...which to my mind means it is nicely broken in. :)

Sig239_1.gif Sig239_2.gif Sig239_3.gif

Here is a pic of the 226 and 239 together:


I’m a happy camper. Hopefully, I’ll have a chance to get down to the range tomorrow and try these guys out.

Ah, it's been forever since I've visited this thread. Nice to see it's still going! Really nice pistols, and excellent taste by all!

My favorite Sig is this P229 .40 with a hard chromed slide done by Tripp Research before they ceased refinishing in June 2008. It is flawless and just makes me love this pistol even more.

It rides in a Kramer horsehide scabbard and eats a nice diet of whatever I feed it, including Federal HST. All in all, a heck of a pistol and accurate as is evidenced by the photos! Truly one of my favorites and one I will never part with!



Count me in

Sig 220 Combat (.45acp)
220R SAO (.45acp)
226 blakwater Tactical (9mm)
228R (9mm)
229 SAS (9mm)
232 SL (.380)
238 (.380)
239 (9mm)
gsr 1911 blackwater (.45acp)
p6 (9mm)
556 pistol
556 rifle
I'm very happy with my Sig's (P238 380, P232 380, P239 40 and and P220C 45)and enjoy shooting them all. They're very reliable, accurate and shoot any and all brands of ammo without complaining.
SigP238-1.jpg SigP232.jpg
DSCF0241.jpg IMG_0819.jpg
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Got to try my friend's Sig P229 and P226. I just love the trigger. Can't think of anything else to replace or change. Was the P229 ever torture tested like the venerable Glocks? Any links or info would be helpful. Am thinking of supplementing my armory this month with my own P229 and would love to know more about this beauty. Thanks a lot.
Nothing but good


No link from my end, but I have 3 P229's, 2 in 40cal and 1 in 9mm with CT laser grips.

I suspect that like the Sig P226/40 that the Navy Seals use, IIRC, the P229, which was built for the 40cal, meets the same Sig Standards, as well.

And IF you're looking for a 40cal, the weight and balance of these guns will make you :) every time you shoot them as, their natural fall back on target, and soft recoil, make for fast follow-up shots that really make one appreciate the design, size, and weight of these guns. The 9mm's are puppy dogs (so docile) and, for SD/HD use, I find the 124gr FMJ for range accuracy and 147gr JHP exceptionally accurate at SD/HD ranges.

Between all three of them, I have some 12K flawless rounds downrange and their accuracy is something to behold. And talk about ease of disassembly, inspection, cleaning, and reassembly, it just doesn't get any easier.

You're right about the triggers. Mine are all DA/SA and either thru use, the more ya use them the better they become. Or, with one of mine that I bought LNIB, its DA pull was gritty with a capital G.. (terrible) So I bought a Wolff main spring pkg: 20lb, 19, 18 17lb and 16lb and swapped out the factory 24lb main spring with a 17lb Wolff main spring, put some EEZOX down on the hammer and sear, and it just doesn't get any better, now, with a smooth, light, easy, DA pull and a crisper, cleaner, SA break..


YES! your early TT P229 most definitely qualifies for membership! Very nice :)

I just found a set of Sig logo'd Crimson Trace laser grips for my P239 SAS. IMHO, this is the ultimate CCW set up for the warmer summer months.


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