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SKS stock paint and issues

Discussion in 'Gunsmithing and Repairs' started by bluenorther, Feb 26, 2006.

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  1. bluenorther

    bluenorther Member

    Jan 3, 2006
    I have a pet project that I am finally starting, to paint a composite stock for an SKS of mine. This is somehing that has been in the works for a long time, and though I have done quite a bit of research, I welcome any and all thoughts and advise.

    This is the project. I have a Tula SKS, non-refurbed 1954. Rather than refinish the original wood stock, I decided to set it aside for safekeeping in original condition and substitute a camo composite. The rifle is to be kept in original condition with the stock being the only change. I have decided to paint the camo stock myself.

    After lengthy consideration, I decided to purchase one of the red Chinese "jungle stocks" and use it for my project rather than one of the civilian composite stocks. So far the stock appears to be compatible (the Russian rifle will fit into it).

    Rather than replace the wood handguard, I purchased another tube with composite handguard- this part I have yet to check for fit and function. So my next step is to assemble the rifle, stock and handguard/gas tube and spend some time making sure everything functions properly. Should the new gas tube/handguard not be satisfactory in performance, I have the plastic handguard for the Chicom stock, and will have to consider using it with the original gas tube.

    If everything works well, then I am left with the cosmetics of the stock. A few points here- First I will be retaining the bayonet, though it's finish isnt really condusive to a camo rifle- it simply cant be helped. Being a non-refurb the bolt carrier is bright as well, some things just have to be lived with.

    I have done my homework on preparation for the stock, but welcome any pointers. I decided to go with the Alumahide II from Brownells, and purchased several colors and clear coat. My plan is, to use scotch brite pads to lightly rough up the surface of the stock and handguard. I have lots of time, since I want to wait until it gets warm weather to proceed.

    I am pretty set on "pattern" so to speak, this is actually the one area I have few qualms about. Just my opinion, but so much rifle camo is more art than practical camo- not that it doesnt look good! I intend to use large splotches of the selected colors, rather than trying to duplicate leaf patterns or copy other camo designs. I have seen examples of what I mean, in greens and blacks. I have a slightly different idea on colors- but will follow the larger pattern idea.

    So anyway, all help is appreciated!
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