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So many new guns coming out, going to be interesting

Discussion in 'General Gun Discussions' started by gym, Mar 1, 2012.

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  1. gym

    gym member

    Dec 9, 2007
    There are a pletoria of new pistols rifles and shotguns coming out of shot show at a rediculous rate and price point. A few examples of the ones I think are going to be hot are, The new 3 inch sig 1911 offerings, competing directlly with Kimber, also their 224, and 928, and one other may be a 240, they are all pocket or compact pistols with and without lasers. Springfield has a new 45 xds 3.3, that Ron Latham just showed off two days ago, claims it is the gun to have, a light 20 oz 5+1 round 45, and inch thick, claims super accuracy and handeling and also said it will be "the" carry piece for this year.
    Smallest lightest thinnest 45 out yet. Kimber has a 380 in the crimson trace style, diamond blue $1400 plus, for a 380. The gun is knockdown gorgeous, but too expensive and in 380, way overpriced.Then the reworked solo, again a 9mm at $800, a bit high, I can buy a lot of better guns that function for that kind of money.These are the ones I saw, Haven't seen any glocks, colts, S&W, and many more, but expect to be drooling. I personally don't see a thousand dollars for a 9mm plastic gun, I think the current prices are high enough. And these pretty 1911's seem to be status symbols like Rolex watches, Meant to be seen, not concealed. The high end stuff is getting even more nuts with a sig or H&K running close to 2 grand or more. Seems like it's becoming like womans shoes.I like the compact new carry guns, and the xd is a maybe in 45, but it's going to run $1000.00 , the Nano is going to be in 40 and 357 sig, but initial reports show as most new offerings, they have problems cycling, extracting, etc. "kind of normal for new products". How much is a 9mm worth to us all, we want the best, but is the best just the most expensive, and where does this lead us.
    Rifles are really from what I see the blackout uppers, seems like they are telling us you have t have this, along with the new laser scopes, that calculate for you, just look and fire.My bud has two and loves them. The blackout is a nice compomise instead of a new rifle, just swap the upper in a couple minutes, and you have another caliber.
    It should be an interesting year, where the money is going to come from for all these new toys is a mystery. Most guys I know are ok, but not dropping thousands on new stuff, when their 2 year old stuff is just fine, so unless they shoot around corners, there must be a big infux of cash coming that no one told me about.
    I just saw a shotgun with 3 or 4 rotating tubes, that pop off for extra tubes to be loaded on, $2,400, for an unknown brand, it's getting crazy. Many of these jump on the bandwagon companys will obviouslly fall by the wayside, but some nice offerings for ccw, but expensive.
    I have yet to find a better 9mm than my Glock 26, I am not a glock fanatic by any means, but you better have a hell of a gun to charge 2 or 3 times what a 26 goes for. And it better shoot every time I pull the trigger.
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