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Starter Pistols

Discussion in 'Handguns: Revolvers' started by sm, Dec 13, 2006.

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  1. sm

    sm member

    Dec 22, 2002
    Between black coffee, and shiftn' gears
    Oh these are great for training dogs, and starting races.

    These are also downright fun, and safe teaching tools.

    I am most familiar with the .22 blank and .32 blank ones Made by H&R / NEF.
    I ran track, others may be familiar with these from swim meets.

    These fit smaller hands, not heavy, and allows some quality passing forward of safely handling a revolver. Four Rules apply, still sometimes a parent or grandparent is a bit more receptive to a kid, grandkid being exposed to one of these and being in their house.

    Jurisdictions may have various restrictions, do check yours.

    My deal is , having tools for new shooters to use, and having tools that folks know we have safety in mind always, not only for the shooter themselves, also any family or friends.
    We gun owners are being watched, and by demonstrating how we carry ourselves with "guns" even if a Blank Firing pistol - goes a long way in attracting fence sitters and busting myths the anti- gun folks have.

    Here is a link sent to me, so I am just using it since it was handy:

    I am not familiar with the Alfa .22 starter pistol, anyone that is please chime in.

    Just take a look as to what is available, in starter pistols and accessories.
    Sure I know some are going to balk at the prices of the guns, accessories, and the ammunition.

    I am going to argue with you a bit here. :D

    The link above was sent to me by someone that has kids, and has dogs.

    One part of the family - fence sitters. They were not "sure" about all this "gun stuff". Mom and Dad have guns, they shoot, they hunt...then the kids come along.
    Concerns expressed, and being very civil , polite, and citing resources, this Mom & Dad have not "pushed" Pro-Gun as so much they "live" responsible firearm ownership.
    I mean they started the kids with BB guns, then single shot .22 rifles.

    Fence sitters part of this family come to visit. Mom and Dad messing with the dogs and the kids assisting using that NEF Starter pistol.
    Pistol did not jump up and start shooting by itself, did not do a thing until someone, even a kid used it.
    Some brain cells starting clicking and the light got brighter. Having never handled a handgun, these fence sitters felt safe in handling, and shooting it.

    Busted some myths, fence sitters are on the Pro-Gun side of the fence now . Still learning, getting educated, taking lessons - but for them it was a Old starter pistol that shot blanks.

    One cannot put a dollar value on all this.
    Now tell me the guns that do fire live ammo, and the blank ammo are not worth the money.

    Oh sure, great gift for the dog trainer in the family...

    Then again if tin can falls over due to the wind at the same time a blank pistol goes off...

    "You wouldn't happen to mind showing us your .22 single shot rifle now would you? Just wondering if we could actually knock a tin can over with real ammunition...".

    Sometimes you gotta let them nibble a bit, before you set the hook :D

    Just let folks watch you ease out with the cane pole, let the bait set, let 'em nibble, gently set the hook, and gently , steadily, bring the fish to your bank.

    Keep telling folks this cane pole fishing is a basic fundamental of life thing, applies not only fishing - lots of other life lessons like firearms.
    Helps to keep a cane pole handy...;)
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